Tarak's Cohort - Retired




Babel Microbes


Belly Chain
Comm Badge
Shock Gloves
Personal Force Shield
Tribble Fur Jacket, Slippers, and Hat

Utility Belt

Holdout Blaster
Combat Knife
(x2) Handcuffs
Breather Mask
Orion Mining Goggles
Ball Gag

Shoulder Bag

214 Slips of Latinum
1 Bar of Latinum
PADD: Hand Toy
Makeup Kit
Tube of Vaginal Lubricant


Born a slave, A’lana has always been a slave. When she was young, her Hutt master, would have her running the shipyard, picking pockets of the tourists. As she developed he placed her into pornagraphic trideo where she became a bit of a star. Eventually he had her performing live sex shows in his cantina. When the Clones came kicking in the door, the Hutt was killed and A’lana was sent off to the spice mines of Kessel. The Commander of the mines liked her look and claimed her as his toy until she escaped. She spent several years comitting minor crimes and eventually made her way through the wormhole to the Milky Way. The Romulans would have none of her thieving and sentenced her to Denchar.

A’lana was sentenced to Denchar during the first years of the Empire War. It was here that she met Tarak and they became close friends and lovers. Having been a slave since childhood, she knew nothing else, and Tarak offered her a reminder of her place in life. She now is his head girl and runs all the slaves in his brothel. She is not normally for hire but for special customers, Tarak will sell her services.


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