Abul Nuquad


Betazoid Male
Crime Lord

“It’s not a crime if all the witnesses are dead”


Abul Nuquad is the most despicable sort of being, to the point that his own family has disowned him. He now runs his own private criminal organization, directly competing with the likes of the Orion Syndicate and the Ferengi Slavers, as well as the newly arrived Black Sun and Hutt crime families. Nuquad is no fool, however, and he makes his moves with care, ensuring he doesn’t draw too much attention to himself – at least until he’s better prepared.

His current target is a treasure said to date to the Precursors. The only clue he has toward finding it was extracted at great length from a Hynerian drug runner from the unknown Regions. The Hynerian gave Nuquad information pertaining to a female that would have the information in her mind, though she was unaware of it. To that end, Nuquad has dispatched his prize servant, the fallen Jedi Rovi to capture the female and return her to him.

Abul Nuquad

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