Campaign of the Month: January 2012

Star Trek Late Night

Personal Log - Bishop 6

I’m not really sure how to compile this entry, but here goes… we’d gotten back from the trinary system’s gateways. Since her lady hadn’t had the courtesy to stick around, Pia had come back to the Odyssey with us, and I was showing her around. Life was getting back to normal, and then the ship was being attacked. I can tell you with absolute certainty that being a passenger on a ship in combat sucks! Next thing I know, everyone’s been told to abandon ship and I was headed for an escape pod. When the smoke cleared, we were on a rather nice planet, apparently a Bajoran colony, probably for the rest of our lives, so we had that going for us. Except this planet was being invaded by whatever had just taken out the ship, so…

Then I felt the unnerving feeling of being transported and soon found myself on a ship – a familiar one crewed by Andorians and captained by the nutcase of a woman that had originally abducted me… ‘overwhelmed’ does not begin to cover my feelings at that point.

She had a proposition – do a job for her and she’d help us restore the Odyssey by taking us back to a point where we could change the outcome. Whatever, that sounded good to me. Bahb was going to be in charge, and he seemed more stubborn than usual in justifying this mission, even in the face of Tivna’s objections to tampering with the ‘Temporal Prime Directive’. Again, whatever.

The job we had to do for Madame Mindfuck was simple enough – steal a runabout. She took us back to the trinary system and teleported us down to intercept an away team. What we didn’t know was that we had also transferred to something Bahb referred to as the ‘Mirror Verse’, where people were supposed to be more evil. I was still brain-fried, so when the away team showed up consisting of Bahb and Kevas it didn’t really phase me too much; Bahb – the one I’d shown up with – gave the go ahead and I opened up. Buncha dead away team. Then, since there wasn’t a duplicate of me or Tivna, we used the Chewbacca Gambit to return to the ship. That led to me an Tivna being taken away for interrogation (read as tortured) while the other two went to get the ship.

Agonizer booths are not something I’d recommend for trial – there is no way to adequately describe the level of pain you endure in one. And I do mean endure – since there’s no actual damage being done to your body, it can just keep going on and on and on. Thankfully, Tivna’s part Vulcan so she had the wherewithal to resist for the period we were in the booths, which wasn’t long. Being an ‘Augment’ is good for some things and resisting torture is one of them. I managed to break out and kill the two guards who were there – Kevas might not have approved but screw it. I got Tivna out, plus another Vulcan in a booth who didn’t deserve to be there as far as I was concerned. Then Tivna led us to the shuttle bay via the Jeffries Tubes and we hooked up with the other two and made our escape in the Runabout. They had made our escape a little easier with a little ‘experimental engineering’, so adios fuckers!

When we got back to Nutjob, we turned over the ship and got down to our business. This was a little easier to pull off – we simply got sent down to the control room on the ice planet and waited. When Barre showed up – after assaulting Bahb and escaping through the gateway from the station – we simply lit him up. (Seemed to me like Bahb took particular joy in that, but it might’ve been my imagination.) Well, whatever temporal mechanics stuff happened, we found ourselves slapped back into our own bodies as the timeline re-asserted itself into our reality. After that, all we had to do was run through some events we’d already done and get back to the Odyssey.

There have been some noticeable changes though: Barre never made it back, so we can’t question him (nor was I really interested in what he had to say); this time, we managed to reunite Pia with her ladyship, Milano, so she went back to her home; and we discovered the unconscious Vulcan female in the control room on the ice planet when we got back, so we took her to the medical facility on the ship where she’s recovering from the ordeal of the agonizer booths, and I’ve been working with her with regard to being in a new universe. She seems resilient enough, though she is a bit wary of the Doc.

Tivna and Bahb have taken steps to make sure we don’t even get close to the distress call that brought us near those aliens invading the Gideon colony, so I don’t know how that’s gonna turn out, other than ‘not good’

I’m sure I don’t want just anyone reading this, so I’m going to lock it with a secure access code.

End log entry.



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