Campaign of the Month: January 2012

Star Trek Late Night

Personal Log - Bishop 5

I finally got tapped for an away mission, and I think it went pretty well! The Odyssey had left the vicinity of space station spooky and we were continuing on a mission of exploring the quadrant when BAM! It was like the ship had his a sandbar, and I guess that’s the closest thing to what had actually happened. A buildup of tetryons on the shields had reached dangerous levels and the ship had to perform an emergency exit from warp. There were minor injuries all over the ship, but no serious casualties.

We found ourselves in what HAD to be an engineered star system – three stars orbiting equidistantly from their center of gravity, all orbited by six planets: a hot rock, three small low-atmo earth-like planets, and two big gas giants. The three earth-like planets were sharing an orbit, and were equidistantly placed. In addition, one was predominantly arctic, one desert, and the last one was jungle. Like I said, no doubt this system had been engineered and it was screaming Prothean to me.

Kyron was leading this away team, and he tapped myself, the Doc, a civilian archaeologist by the name of Banks, a Starfleet physicist named V’Lur, and a young security officer, Chan. Our task was to check out some ruins that had been detected on the planet; those ruins were giving off some sort of emission aimed at the three stars and causing the tetryon buildup in that part of the sector. Until we figured out how to either shut whatever down or destroy it, we weren’t going anywhere, at least at warp speed. Oh, and I forgot to mention, the class six ion storm building in the system meant we were on a time limit.

We shuttled down – rough landing – and had to hike across the tundra in a storm; not exactly fun when it feels like you’re three klicks high, but we did it. Banks suffered the most on the trip, but Doc shot him up with some triox compound and set him right. The ruins were old, and not exactly Prothean in nature. Old though, and Banks suggested they were from some race called the T’kon, which I’d never heard of. But time was wasting, so we took readings and headed deeper to find the source of the emissions – a room with a massive parabolic dish and two ‘gateways’ to the other two earth-like planets’ emission room.

A third gateway led to someplace else – since I was the only one with a vacuum capable suit I checked that one out – I think it was some station and I know it was a different system, as evidenced by the large blue star it was orbiting. I took some readings and got back to the team. Kyron and Chan had already started figuring out how to shut everything down when we got ambushed. A buncha stinkin’ vorcha of all things – there’s no way that vermin should be in this part of space!

We took care of business, and I got the okay to find the vorcha warren while Starfleet got back to work on the emitter. Tracking vorcha isn’t the most pleasant of jobs in nice terrain, and in arctic ruins it just sucks! Luckily for me, one of them had escaped after being shot, so I had a blood trail to follow. Don’t know if that was a good thing or not – when I found the warren, it was being attacked by some automotons with some hefty energy weapons. I got the hell outta there, but not before one of them saw me. Four of them tracked me back to the away team and we got into another firefight – Doc got banged up pretty bad but V’Lur patched him up.

Time was running out, so Kyron and Chan got back to work and pulled off a miracle. They managed to shut down all three emitters with just under an hour to spare. No emitters meant no tetryons, so we can leave whenever the Captain says so. Looks like we’re going to be sticking around in this system for a little while, though, while we wait for Starfleet to send a dedicated research team to thoroughly check out these ruins.



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