Campaign of the Month: January 2012

Star Trek Late Night

Personal Log - Bishop 4

We’re underway, into what Starfleet calls the Alpha Quadrant and headed back towards where I came from. The Odyssey is supposed to be a fast ship, but these Starfleet vessels will never compare to frame-shift – it’s gonna be a while ‘til we get to where we’re going. And I’m not even sure we have a destination in mind.

Funny thing, watching a ship go to work instead of being one of the people working. The crew seems like a good one, if a bit stiff at times. I suppose I’m used to a more casual atmosphere aboard ship, but I’ve also never worked one with a crew that tops a thousand; I suppose it could be difficult to remember everyone’s name. And that’s not even including the civilian crew members (like me) or the families that are on board. This is gonna be a different kinda experience for me.

I spend a lot of my day keeping active – gotta stay fit. There’s a cadet corps on board and sometimes I hang out with them when they’re doing a run. Rest of my exercise is in one of the gyms. I’ve found I also have to do some studying, learning these ship systems – to do that I help out in engineering and working on whatever maintenance crews they’ll let me – mostly I’m observing and I’m not allowed to work on some systems (for security reasons), but it fills the day. The rest of my time is spent relaxing and getting to know the people around me.


I think something’s up, judging by the way some of the crew is acting. I can see through the windows we’ve arrived near a station of some sort, Starfleet if I’m to judge by the design. Odd that, since we’re supposed to be heading into a quadrant that hasn’t been explored by Starfleet yet.


Well, evidently someone from the Federation has gotten here before us. We’ve answered a distress call, but I can’t see any signs of combat – might be medical in nature. I’ve found out Bahb’s taking Kevaz and a couple of others over to the station – I volunteered to help out, but was denied by the XO. Guess I understand; I’m more a pilot and shooter, and the andorian that went over to the station looked like a gropo. If the mission’s medical in nature, you shouldn’t need more than one.


I don’t know what went on at that station but the Odyssey got out of that system in a hurry. We’ve stopped a few parsecs away and plans seem to be in motion to help the station’s crew, even though we just left them behind. Gotta check with some people, see what’s going on.


Just got back from a sortie. Starfleet service isn’t as boring as I thought it would be. There’s some kind of spatial phenomenon happening near the station, one that’s allowing people’s thoughts to impact on reality. Sounds like sci-fi, right? Only when I flew Bahb over to the vicinity, we got ambushed by some Hunter-Killers, from Wildspace back home. That’s not possible, not this far away (at least I hope so, they shouldn’t have spread this far, not yet). My guess is I was thinking about the last time I’d encountered any of ‘em and then we got hit. See, I was flying Bahb out there in a fighter, and the last time I was in a craft that sleek and lethal I’d run into an H-K raiding band. Same thing happened here. This anomaly thing must’ve been true is all I can come up with. Oh, and it wasn’t an illusion either – our little ship took real damage in that little dust-up, something I got an earful over later on.

It was something to watch, all these squints trying to figure out a way to counter the effects of that phenomenon. To try and save the crew of that station. In the end though, it was all for nought. The Captain had to destroy the station to limit the spread of whatever effect the ‘fractured space-time’ had done to the crews’ minds. Closing the rift hadn’t worked, the station’s crew had already done that long before we’d gotten there. But the effects stayed on and continued to spread. Kevaz (and the rest of the medical staff I’d assume) has determined there’s no danger from the team that went over to the station; they weren’t exposed long enough to the effects. I got a clean bill of health too, so that’s good news.

End Log



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