Campaign of the Month: January 2012

Star Trek Late Night

Personal Log - Bishop 2

Well, now I understand why Starfleet makes their ships so big, the Hurricane notwithstanding. It takes so fucking long to get anywhere, if you didn’t have that kind of space you’d go out of your mind with boredom! Where I was, we used what’s called a Frame Shift Drive to get around, capable of jumping a number of LY in the blink of an eye – the Glory was rated for 10LY jumps at a time! These Starfleet vessels cover that same distance in a couple of weeks so, like I said, no wonder all this luxury.

Well, at least there’s plenty of distractions, plus there’s a bar! Just need to earn some cred, which the UFP doesn’t use, so that’s gonna be fun to figure out.

Me and some other guys (Bahb, Kyron, and a doctor I just met) assigned to the Odyssey were being sent to a space station in the AQ – I can’t remember the name of the ship, some science vessel primarily crewed by Vulcans (or as I like to think of them, space elves). They’re more fun than they seem to let on, at least the ones that attended my dance lessons! I spent some time with one in particular, T’Lara, who taught me something called Neuro-Pressure techniques; I’d call it rather stimulating massage, but who am I to argue?

Before we could get to where we were supposed to get to, the Starfleet guys I was with instead got assigned to a UFP Mining Colony. No, I don’t remember the name of that either. Our job was to wait to be picked up by the next Starfleet vessel, and in the meanwhile bolster security for the mine. ‘Bolster’ really meant ‘Be’, since there wasn’t anything to shore up. But, people were disappearing so we started investigating, since this mine had crap for luxuries and the only entertainment were some well-experienced whores.

It was a weird investigation, and it was obvious none of the officers I was with had any experience with tracking criminals – not really surprising since they were an engineer, a squint, and a sawbones. Eventually we determine that a transported was being used to send people to a point near the planet’s core. It took a while, but we did finally decide to make the trip, after the guys exhausted every other possibility in an attempt to avoid going.

There, we discovered ancient ruins – I would have called them Prothean in nature, but Starfleet refers to them as Iconian. Turned out the miners who had disappeared had been pressed into service clearing the ruins. The big bad in charge was an ugly tri-ped SOB; Bahb called it an Undine. They can change shape apparently, this one having done so back at the mine in an attempt to kill us during our investigation. We got the last laugh though, and killed the fucker, plus some other humanoids working with it – I think Kyron called them Defera.

Starfleet showed up in a hurry when Kyron’s report went out – I guess the word ‘Iconian’ lit a fire under their asses. We’re back on course for DS9, the station we’re headed to, and Bahb told me we should be there in 5 or 6 months. I’m pretty sure he was fucking with me on that, though. Gods I miss Glory, but I did just discover the Holodeck, so that should make passing the time a little easier.

End Log