Campaign of the Month: January 2012

Star Trek Late Night

Personal Log - Bishop 1

Hello? Is this thing recording? Okay then…

I’m John Bishop, and I’m keeping this journal thing at the order of my appointed head shrink. I guess Starfleet wants to find out what makes me tick, even if they say it’s a normal part of service with the fleet. Whatever, if talking to the Doc will keep me from rotting in another jail cell, I can spend an hour or so a week.

Anyway, some personal stuff: I was born on Earth in 1969, and yeah that’s not a mistake – like I’ve already explained, me and some friends were on a class trip in upstate New York when we got abducted by aliens. Turns out they were Andorians, and their leader was some bat-shit crazy Human chick. They took us off planet, ran some tests – an NO I was not probed. They ran some tests and then dropped me back on Earth – only it wasn’t really Earth, it was some place called Terra, and it was in the Lux system. Plus, it was really futuristic looking. Matt – he was a bit of a nerd said something about Einstein and moving faster than light; science was never really my thing, so I just pushed through losing everyone I knew – well most of them – and got on with living. Eventually I became a pilot, bought a ship of my own, and started hunting bounties.

I lost touch with my classmates over time – I missed them, even the ones I didn’t really know all that well. I guess they were the last of the people I really knew, you know? I hadn’t really thought about them all too much, at least until I ran into Chad. But I guess I should explain the back story to that.

I was in the Acheron system, running down a lead on the Blood Crimson pirate group. They’re led by a particularly nasty Krogan, named Bortus. Anyway, I’d tracked them to Acheron and got into a furball with them soon enough. Adara was doing her best keeping the ship’s shields up while I was maneuvering and blasting away whenever I got a clear shot. Then, next thing I knew, Acheron wasn’t there anymore and this big fucking ship was right in front of me, barrelling down – I managed to avoid total annihilation, but even a deflecting crash can cause a lot of damage.

I woke up and, long story short, found out I was in the UFP, which just so happened to be on the other side of the galaxy from where I’d just been. How did I get here? Well, like I said, science isn’t my thing. And unless whatever happened can be reproduced, it doesn’t really matter, does it? Well, I spent some time in a medical bay on the USS Horizon, got transferred to a top secret prison facility, escaped said facility with the help of Adara and Chad, and helped rescue a Starfleet Admiral. In recognition of all this, I’ve been allowed to remain free – provided I help Starfleet explore what they call the Alpha Quadrant, which is apparently the part of the galaxy where the Lux System is.

I’ve been given a semi-official rank and have been assigned to the USS Odyssey, which will be the vessel embarking on this grand adventure. Adara decided to opt out, and instead hooked up with Chad, who’s working for an outfit called JumpCorp. I hope they know what they’re getting in her, but if not, she’ll let them know in a hurry.

End Log



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