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Star Trek Late Night

Episode 50

The Final Battle

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The Milky Way

Tarkin’s Super Battle Station the Deathstar was destroyed during what shall become known as the battle of The Ring. Tarkin and Thrawn turned on each other and split the Imperial navy in two. The battle that raged for more than three days was joined by hundreds of ships from the United Federation of Planets and others. After nearly 1000 vessels were destroyed including multiple Star Destroyers and Starfleet Capitcal ships, Thrawn’s forces gained a decisive victory and seized control of the Star Forge.

It was rumored that Alyr Torin and Karr died in the battle but not before destroying Ambassidor Vader’s Super Star Destroyer. Vader himself is thought to be dead as well. Famous Federation officers including Captain Data, Admiral Yore, and Admiral Pau’Paub where among the many who died during this battle.

In the months following the battle, Thrawn made use of the Star Forge to create a superfleet. He brought in the clones of the Emporor and placed them each in charge of a single vessel. With over five million ships and enough firepower to destroy a thousand worlds, Thrawns fleet moved towards Earth. Every system he passed was subjugated or destroyed. The Romulans quickly joined him as did the Garridians. The Vulcans, recognizing the logical path to survival, joined him as well.

Prior to his arrival on Earth, a Q-like being transported 144,000 humans and others to a galaxy far far away. Earth was destroyed as was Betazed and Bajor. When Thrawn’s fleet pushed onward into the Gamma Quadrant, he hunted down and destroyed every Founder that could be discovered. After nearly twenty years his fleet managed to control the entire galaxy.

The millions of Emporer clones proved dangerous and formented rebellion within Thrawn’s ranks until Thrawn chose one to be Emporer of all. Using holocrons and Vulcan psionic instructors, the new Emporer became far more powerful and corrupt than any Sith in the history of the time itself.

In that galaxy far, far, away, the 144,000 multiply and wait with patience for their chance to return to Mother Terra.

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Personal Logs

Matt’s Personal Log – Episode 50
Thanos’s Personal log – Episode 50

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