Campaign of the Month: January 2012

Star Trek Late Night

Episode 48

The Death Star is Firing at what?!?!

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Praetor Sela has declared an unconditional alliance with Admiral Thrawn.

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Personal Logs

Thanos’s Personal log – Episode 48

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Name Development Points Bennies Reputation
Matt 3 0
Karr 3 0
Thanos 3 0
Cutter 3 0

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I need to be touched


More PvP? This group has been through absolutely everything together- when do they start trusting each other?
Great stuff, as always!!

Episode 48

They way these guys are going, I really think they will be the cause of the destruction of the Milky way before they are done. They had saved the galaxy and then Karr decided to say fuck it all and now things are not looking so good. In Karr’s defense, Alyr and Matt didn’t stop him and they knew what was at stake.

Episode 48

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