Campaign of the Month: January 2012

Star Trek Late Night

Episode 37

Roll Dice with Baleer

Directed by Stephen Wollett
Original Air Date: December 8, 2012

Starring Bottom


The crew tries to figure out plans for the future and get to play dice with Baleer. Little do they know the dangers and horrors that await them in his chamber. Fortunes will be won but losses will be severe.


News Briefs

Atlas Station
Atlas Station, in the Pernicious Sector, has a new owner. Dendon Felinx, who has owned and run the station for more than thirty years, sold the station and nearby moon to the notorious Klingon outlaw, Karr. Though Karr has taken ownership he has yet to make an appearance on the station. It will be interesting to see if Karr will continue the station’s policy of shooting all Orions who arrive at the station or if he will continue the policy that all Romulans are slapped into chains and sent to the mines on the moon. Karr’s ship was seen landing on the nearby primitive planet of Pern and it is rumored that Karr is taking a hunting expedition to the primitive world. Only time will tell what his intentions are with the station but we can hope that such a public move is proof that Karr is turning away from crime and going legit.

Another unexpected bit of news filtered in from Terra. The President of the Federations released a list of 314 pardons that he signed this morning. One name on the list stood out and was quite a surprise. The Klingon Karr , a traitor, pirate, murderer, and assassin who has terrorized the space lanes for the past three years was given a full and unconditional pardon. This following the news of Karr’s acquisition of a space station makes this reporter wonder if Karr was an agent of Starfleet Intelligence that has decided to retire. It is not unusual for such undercover operatives to infiltrate criminal and military organizations while becoming notorious as criminals themselves. It is also not uncommon for those people to then be pardoned for the crimes when the mission was done. Now we must wonder what mission was Karr on and was his mission a success. It is well known that he traveled with Alyr Torin and other nefarious peoples. Perhaps now we will see Torin arrested and dealt with as is deserved.

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Personal Logs

Karr’s Personal Log – Episode 37
Thanos’s Personal log – Episode 37
Alyr’s Personal log – Episode 37

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Name Development Points Bennies Reputation
Matt 3 0
Karr 3 1
Thanos 3 1
Cutter 3 4

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