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Star Trek Late Night

Episode 34

Ep image 34

Directed by Stephen Wollett
Original Air Date: October 26, 2012

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Thanos takes the crew and friends to the Hall of Chaos. A space station casino run by some nefarious people. Will they escape or become a part of the menagerie. (Timeline: Terran Stardate 10102392-)

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News Briefs

In a dramatic sneak attack the Utopia Planitia Shipyards and the Starfleet Academy on Mars were destroyed. The events of the morning unfolded as follows:

04:00 The gravity well generators outside of the Sol System were attacked by a crack mercenary team lead by the notorious Hlees’thak.
04:07 The Titan Stellar Observatory reported detecting hyperspace distortions of an unusual magnetude.
04:12 The USS Geronimo, USS Challenger, USS London, and the USS Nobel leave Earth Space Dock to respond to the attacks on the gravity well generators.
04:19 Pluto Station comes under attack from unknown attackers.
04:27 The USS Leeds, USS Lexington, and the USS Enterprise respond to the distress call from Pluto Station.
04:37 A fleet of 17 Star Destroyers and dozens of other attack ships drop out of hyperspace near Jupiter.
04:38 A large scale attack against all ships and stations in orbit of Jupiter begins. 15 Star Destroyers move out towards the inner system.
04:39 The USS Bird of Paradise is destroyed while trying to escape the moon of IO. The President of the Federation along with the Ambassador from Vulcan were on board.
04:40 Starfleet mobilizes every ship in the system to engage the attacking fleet. Distress calls are sent to all ships in the sector to respond.
04:51 The USS Leeds is destroyed by what appears to be a Garidian Command Carrier.
04:53 The USS Lexington is destroyed
04:55 The USS Enterprise is forced to withdraw after suffering heavy casualties.
04:56 The Battle of Mars begins.
04:57 The USS Geronimo reports that it has taken on boarders.
04:59 The Utopia Planitia Shipyards are attacked by three Star Destroyers and nearly 10,000 fighters.
05:00 5 Star Destroyers begin bombardment of Mars with most of the fire being focused on Star Fleet Academy.
05:02 Admiral Thrawn transmits a message to the entire system. It says simply, “Flee or Die”.
05:08 The USS Geronimo opens fire on the USS London and destroys the London in a matter of seconds. The USS Challenger and USS Nobel engage the USS Geronimo.
05:14 The USS Enterprise enters the Battle of Jupiter using the much spoke about Bio-Neural Warheads against the Star Destroyers. Making a demonstration of skill and ability, the crew scores a direct hit on the bridge of one of the Star Destroyers.
05:15 The crippled Star Destroyer crashes into one of the other Star Destroyers in the battle. The two ships fall into the atmosphere of Jupiter.
05:16 The USS Geronimo is destroyed.
05:17 One of the Star Destroyers near Mars launches a torpedo at Sol.
05:18 Commander Silas Munn scans the torpedo inbound towards the sun and detects that the torpedo is a Sun killer. He gives chase in his runabout.
05:22 Commander Munn sacrifices himself by ramming his runabout into the torpedo a mere 70,000km from the sun. Later it will be determined from the data his scans gathered, that the torpedo would have caused the sun to go nova.
05:29 Thrawn transmits one final message, “We know where you live. If you come for us, expect us to return.”
05:30 Thrawn’s fleet jumps to hyperspace

It is believed that nearly 2 million civilians on Mars dies during the attack. Furthermore the loss of the Utopia Planitia Shipyards will set back Starfleet’s ship production ten years. Starfleet Academy on Mars, home of the Starfleet Marines, is gone along with all personnel. The exact total loss of life is staggering and we may not have totals for a month or more.

The Vice President of UFP, Aennik Okeg, said, “The attack in the Sol system is a grievous blight upon our great Federation. We must not allow it to taint our souls with thoughts of vengeance but rather use this opportunity to remember the live that were lost and honor them with our deeds.” The VP is due to be sworn in as President later today in a private ceremony.

Aennik Okeg, will become the first Saurian President of the Federation. He is known to be a pacifist and one who prefers diplomacy to action. How he will handle the current situation is in doubt. He has been very vocal in his opposition towards hunting down the Death Star and has been fighting for decades to see a reduction in the amounts of resources given to Starfleet. In a speech he gave last year, her said, “Starfleet Intelligence is misguided and should be defunded. Furthermore the duties of Starfleet Intelligence should be turned over to a civilian agency with much oversight.”

Former Vice Admiral Hansen Jones said, “In times of war we need a leader and Mr. Okeg is no leader. He will fold and give into every special interest group within the Federation. He will tear down Starfleet as he sees it as a huge military force with no purpose other than to wage war. Mr. Okeg is a threat to national security.” The Vice Admiral was run out of Starfleet amid allegations of racism and misconduct so Only time will tell if the Vice Admirals words are prophetic or just the words of a man who hates Saurians.

Undisclosed Location
Grand Moff Tarkin sent a message today to the sitting President of the Federation. Sources within the office of the President released several quotes from the transmission.

“The attack on the Sol System was not the actions of the Imperial Republic or The Empire as you have come to call us. The worlds within the Klingon Empire that were destroyed were not us either. Factions within our forces, under the leadership of Admiral Thrawn, have deserted and begun to wage war against us. They have undermined the peace process that I initiated to end the war between our peoples. I removed my units from your space and have made the utmost efforts to avoid further confrontations. Without the leadership our Emperor provides, we are adrift and lost in this abysmal galaxy. Our only purpose right now is to try to find a way home. Do not allow Thrawn and his lackies to destroy the peace that we worked so hard to forge. It is he that is you enemy, not I or this battlestation.”

He went on to say, “If you provoke us, we will fight.” and “Let peace prevail between our peoples.”

Admiral Yore was quoted as saying, “Changes nothing this does. Build our army we will.”

People from a hundred worlds are demanding action. It is unclear what that action will be or if the new president is up to the task.

Citadel Station
The Necromonger ship, NSS Leviathan arrived at Citadel Station today. After much discussion with the station, a battle ensued that rivaled any seen in the region. Citadel Station took heavy casualties but the Leviathan was forced to withdraw after nearly 16 hours of heavy combat. Zhylaw, supreme commander of the Leviathan, swore that he would destroy any world that harbors, the notorious mass murderer, Alyr Torin. Representatives from Citadel Station have issued a plea to Torin that he not return to Citadel again. Nearly 40,000 people living on the station were killed in the attack with over 100,000 wounded. The _Leviathan’s___ losses are unknown but Zhylaw has agreed to leave Citadel in peace, provided Torin never returns.

Torin, who is wanted in dozen of systems as well as the entire UFP, was known to use Citadel as a staging area. The station has always counted on it’s neutrality to avoid taking action against Torin but with this recent attack the leadership of the station feels it has no choice but to turn Torin out. Torin was recently linked tot he assassination of two Federation Ambassadors as well as the strange events on Drozana station. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

The Federation has denounced this assault on Citadel and has issued sanctions against Zhylaw and his ship. They are banned from Federation Space and the treaty made with Zhylaw has been dissolved. Federation Ambassador to Citadel, Puk Pys said, “An attack like this is what we feared the most from Zhylaw based upon his reputation in his galaxy. What we did not know then was that he was from the very same Mirrorverse as the Terrans who invaded Deep Space Nine several years ago. His Necromongers are so powerful that they have defeated and seized control of the Terran Federation as well as most of the galaxy that the Terrans hail from. Based on the documents provided to us from that Mirrorverse, Mr. Torin seems to be the last of his people. He appears to be a refugee from that Mirrorverse and his actions to date are a direct result of his coming from such a horrible place. We could expect little else of a man who was sold into slavery to fight in the pits of an alternate Andoria that was fueled by nothing more than evil. How he came to reside in our galaxy is a mystery. Perhaps we should reconsider our view of Mr. Torin.”

It is unclear where these events will take us but what is clear is that wherever Alyr Torin goes, tragedy is sure to follow.

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Personal Logs

Matt’s Personal Log – Episode 34
Karr’s Personal Log – Episode 34
Thanos’s Personal log – Episode 34
Alyr’s Personal log – Episode 34

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Name Development Points Bennies Reputation
Matt 3 1
Karr 3
Thanos 3 1
Cutter 2

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I'm so wet.



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