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Star Trek Late Night

Episode 30

Episode 30

Directed by Stephen Wollett
Original Air Date: September 28, 2012

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The party attempts to save a friend from the clutches of the notorious Ghost and his band of Gorn Marauders. (Timeline: Terran Stardate 09062392-)

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News Briefs

Ruah IV
News from the Starfleet science team on Ruah IV is grim. Commander Jake Sisco reports, “a Borg sphere entered the atmosphere at 22:17 last night and landed in the northern hemisphere. We sent in a squad of Starfleet Marines to investigate and they have reported that the Borg are building some kind of factory on an island at 030.17.02:042:01:59.” Starfleet released this info and is advising all Federation Citizens, living or visiting the Uncharted Territories, immediately begin evacuating the region. Ruah IV is sixty-seven percent covered with water, and multiple animal species live on the one major landmass, including a genus of proto-hominids. As of 2369, the planet showed no signs of any prior civilization. It is unknown as to why the Borg have chosen this planet to begin their invasion. A joint fleet of Garidian Peacekeepers and Starfleet is being mobilized to deal with the incursion.

Gamma Quadrant
Communication with the Founders has been lost. It is unknown if the Founders have cut off communication or if some natural or fabricated event has caused this sudden loss of communication. Refugees from the Gamma Quadrant report intense large scale battles and the destruction of dozens of worlds.

While visiting Risa, the Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire was nearly assassinated by a terrorist strike force lead by the notorious Jedi Knight, Satele Keto. Keto’s team of assassins detonated dozens of plasma bombs in the hotels housing the visiting Romulan troops and dignitaries. Then they staged a daring assault on the Emerald Tower. The Emerald Tower is the capital building where the government of Risa meets. 32 members of the Risan senate were killed in the attack and the Praetor was seriously injured with a lightsaber strike to her torso. It is unknown at this time if the Praetor will live through the night. Keto and her band of thugs then stormed the star port and escaped with a Romulan Protostar Destroyer.

Numerous Space Stations
Reports have been coming in of Rodentus Exacerbus infestations on dozens of space stations and planets ranging as far as Citadel Station all the way to the Klingon homeworld of Q’onos. At first it was believed that a Ferengi trader was carrying the dreaded vermin but now after consulting dozens of dock logs, it appears that one starship has been to each of these stations in the days leading up to the outbreaks. That ship is noneother than the Starlight. The Starlight is captained by the notorious Alyr Cutter Toryn. It is well known that he travels with a vile Rodian and that Redentus Exacerbus is a favorite food of these disgusting creatures. A docking advisory has been issued to all space stations and planets in the Federation. If you are traveling be very careful. Once these vermin get on your ship, they are almost impossible to get rid of.

Rodentus Execerbus

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Personal Logs

Matt’s Personal Log – Episode 30
Alyr’s Personal Log – Episode 30
Thanos’s Personal log – Episode 30
Crazy Eight’s Personal Log – Episode 30

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Name Development Points Bennies Reputation
Matt 3 1 +1 Luck
Thanos 3 3 +1 Aggression, +1 Luck, +1 Skill, 1 Discipline , +1 Honor, (-1) Passion, (-1) Openess
Cutter 3 1 +1 Honor, +1 Skill

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You know you want me."



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