Campaign of the Month: January 2012

Star Trek Late Night

Episode 3 Excerpt

…I can hear them, moving, slithering through the accessways. They’ve infiltrated the ship, and then the crew! We fought them, it, I can no longer be certain! If only we hadn’t taken that… Wait!

Where’s my weapon? I need my weapon, they’re out there, I hear them.

Here it is, charged and ready, waiting form me, like a good soldier. I was a good soldier, once, like mist of the crew. They’re gone now, taken, by those things!

They’re closer, I need to strike, now, while surprise is on my side!

Got one on them, but there are two more! Oh god, they have phasers! I’ll die before they take me, I swear it! Another shot – missed! Fuck it, I’ll just… shit, what’s happening? My weapon is overloading! At least it’ll be over soon!

Fuck, I have to run! One of them managed to get my weapon! Run NOW! If I can get to the engine room I can finish it all. Shit! They’re still firing… almost there…

Where am I? Why can’t I move? Wait, calm down, look and see. I’m in medical, but I’m strapped down. Take my time and get out of this… there, one arm’s free.

What in all the hells was that? Oh gods, they’re here now! I can see them, it… coming from the duct! Gotta escape NOW! Shit! Shit!

No! NO! Get off of me! Oh GOD, NO I don’t…

The Final Moments of an Orion Pirate



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