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Star Trek Late Night

Episode 29

Episode 29

Directed by Stephen Wollett
Original Air Date: September 21, 2012

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The crew find themselves on Drozana Station but has no idea how they got there. Will they investigate the strange lapse in memory or just go on as if nothing bad has happened. (Timeline: Terran Stardate 09042392-)

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News Briefs

Admiral Arax Paupaub has announced that the 107th fleet is being assigned to hunt and detain known pirates that have operated against Federation citizens. “Let me make this clear,” Paupaub said in a speech at the James T. Kirk Interplanetary Center for Scholars. “There are pirates and terrorist holed up on colony worlds who murdered Federation citizens. They are plotting to strike again. It was a terrible mistake to fail to act when we had a chance to take out the Jedi sympathizer and known terrorist, Alyr Toryn when he was a guest of Deep Space 9. If we have actionable intelligence about high-value terrorist or pirate targets and the local government won’t act, we will.” The feared Orion Syndicate, in an effort to change the way they have been perceived for decades, has purged itself of many of its more violent members and turned information over the Starfleet Intelligence and FIPA. “The intelligence gathered from the Syndicate has made it possible to round up over 3000 known pirates in the past month alone. We will act on any and all intelligence that is gathered and if it is proven to be valid, we will ask local governments to capture and detain these fugitives. If they fail to act we will send in Starfleet Rangers and Prime Teams to deal with the situation.” said Captain Janet Thompson, the Marine Commandant assigned to the 107th.

Star Fleet Academy, San Francisco
UFP President Kymba Sol said today, “the United Federation of Planets is taking all appropriate steps to protect the peoples of the Federation.” She vowed “We will hunt down and punish those responsible for the assassination of Ambassidor Klizik and Ambassidor Korro. They were personal friends and there loss will set back diplamacy with the Romulans decades.”

“We have taken all appropriate security precautions to protect the people of the Federation,” Sol told cadets in a hastily arranged appearance at Star Fleet Acadamy in San Francisco, “Make no mistake, Starfleet will hunt down and punish those responsible for these cowardly acts.” Sol said Starfleet had been put on “high alert status” and said she had taken security precautions to ensure the functioning of the UFP government. Sol cut short a trip to Vulcan to return following the attacks near Risa.

“Here in the Klingon Empire and in other empires around the galaxy, laws will be changed, not to deny basic liberties but to prevent their abuse and protect the most basic liberty of all: freedom from terror. New extradition laws will be introduced; new rules to ensure asylum is not a front for terrorist entry. Our Empire is proud of its tradition in giving asylum to those fleeing tyranny. We will always do so. But we have a duty to protect the system from abuse.” said the new chancellor of the Klingon Empire. Hristus Mogg assended to the position of Chancellor last evening after facing 71 blood duels on the floor of the Imperial Klingon Senate. He personally killed the heads of seventeen houses and took command of the Klingon Empire through his deeds. In his acceptance speech he said, " Citidel Station is a scar on the conscience of the galaxy. But if the galactic leaders as a community focused on it, we could heal it. And if we don’t, it will become deeper and angrier. Far too many use the station as a place to hide from justice. No more! We will attempt diplomatic resolutions to the problem and if diplomacy fails, then we will focus the might of the Klingon Empire on that den of sinister deviants."

Wormhole 37142
Reports from Organic Explorations are that the Lexx has successfully navigated Wormhole 37142. On the otherside they have discovered a threat to all life in the Galaxy. The Borg are alive and well within the alternate universe now being dubbed “The Borgverse”. The Lexx engaged three Borg cubes successfully before all contact was lost. We can only hope that the Borg do not discover the existance of the wormhole and come here.

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Personal Logs

Matt’s Personal Log – Episode 29
Thanos’s Personal log – Episode 29

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Name Development Points Bennies Reputation
Matt 3 1
Karr 3
Thanos 1 1
Cutter 3 3

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You know you want me."



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