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Star Trek Late Night

Episode 26

Episode 26

Directed by Stephen Wollett
Original Air Date: August 31, 2012

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Matt, Thanos, and Karr have discovered secrets about the ancient Templar cult from Earth. Will they pursue the clues or venture off on some other adventure. (Timeline: Terran Stardate 07282392-)

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News Briefs

Grenga Tharg
Reports are drifting in of a major battle between the KDF and Imperial Forces. Thousands of ships destroyed and tens of thousands of lives lost. It is unclear who won the battle, but reports of the super space station known as the Deathstar being involved in the fight have not been verified. Is this the start of a new war? Only time will tell. The Klingon High Command is refusing to comment.

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Personal Logs

Thanos’s Personal Log – Episode 26
Matt’s Personal Log – Episode 26
Crazy Eight’s Personal Log – Episode 26
Karr’s Personal Log – Episode 26

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Name Development Points Bennies Reputation
Matt 3 2
Karr 3 2
Thanos 3 2

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You know you want me.


Glad to see some renewed action. I hope Matt gets to try out his new HAND CANNON soon. It sounds “the bomb”! Some nifty piloting from Thanos there – you crazee dude! And as for Karr – keep on making them all go poof!

Episode 26

Twiggy, Karr tends to beat them to death it is Eight who makes them go poof. lol Glad to see you are still enjoying the stories.

Episode 26

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