Campaign of the Month: January 2012

Star Trek Late Night

Episode 24

Ep image 24

Directed by Stephen Wollett
Original Air Date: June 29, 2012
Game interupted by severe weather, to be continued…

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The crew travels to Skyplex and meets an mysterious figure. (Timeline: Terran Stardate 06212391-)

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News Briefs

Risa along with seven other systems have signed accords with the Romulan Star Empire and have joined the Empire. This has caused much concern with Federation officials who fear the spread of the Empire will lead to war.

Cardassia Prime
The assassination of Gul Sulak by Jedi extremists earlier today has bolstered the Cardassian senate to reinstate the Obasidian Order as the chief investigative force in the Cardassian Empire. Gul Dromos said, “We now enter the age of vengeance” as he gave orders for all people with extraordinary powers be rounded up and tested for the blood parasite that is responsible for Jedi powers.

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Personal Logs

HECATE’s Personal Log – Episode 24
Matt’s Personal Log – Episode 24
Thanos’s Personal Log – Episode 24
Karr’s Personal Log – Episode 24

The Sexbots

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Name Development Points Bennies Reputation
Matt 3 1
Karr 3 1
Thanos 3 1

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I'm a three input kind of girl.


Hmmm- seems this weeks adventure involves just a bit of T&A… or at least T…

Episode 24

last adventure they stole a bunch of sex droids from a lab. Now to see what they do with them. I wonder if they will seek out the other five that are missing and complete the set. I also wonder if one will become attached to a specific character and cause jealous warfare. We shall see.

Episode 24

Hey, we were at that lab to steal a safe… the droids were just a fringe benefit of the job!

Episode 24

Sure they were, Deykaras, keep telling yourself that…

Episode 24

The Religion of GAGA? Classic

Episode 24

Best Hecate log ever, btw!

Episode 24

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