Campaign of the Month: January 2012

Star Trek Late Night

Episode 2

Gang War

  • Director: Stephen Wollett
    • Original Air Date: January 6, 2012
  • Starring:
    • Otto Blix as Alyr “Cutter” Torin
    • Deykaras as Jacen Daasa
    • Nightcas as Karr
    • Stephen Wollett as Tarak
    • Askaval as HECATE

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Emerging from the Undermaze the crew of the Grinning Vulcan discover their bar is located right in the middle of two warring gangs. Tensions flare when it is revealed that one of the crew is freinds with Jolet, leader of the Jolets. While another member of the crew runs with the opposing faction, the Gurlacs. (Timeline: Terran Stardate 02052390 – 02092390)

News Briefs – Episode 2
Personal Logs

Sheriff’s Report 1827356128
Captain PauPaub Incident Report – Episode 2
Tarak’s Personal Log – Episode 2
Karr’s Personal Log – Episode 2
Jacen’s Personal Log – Episode 2
Crazy Eight’s Personal Log – Episode 2
HECATE’s Personal Log – Episode 2
Tal Shuresh’s Personal Log – Episode 2
Gunner Simmons’ Personal Log – Episode 2
Note from Cort Enzor to Tal Shuresh -Episode 2

Name Development Points Bennies
Jacen 3 3
Cutter 3 1
Karr 3 1
Tarak 3 1
Thuku 0 0
Yundarr 0 0
A’lana 0 0


Good game guys. You seem to be finding your rolls and getting into them nicely.

Episode 2

Me like Crazy Eights. He have per-son-al-ity.

Episode 2

lol she is a fun character to play.

Episode 2

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