Campaign of the Month: January 2012

Star Trek Late Night

Episode 16

Episode 16

  • Director: StephenWollett
    • Original Air Date: April 27, 2012
  • Starring:
    • Deykaras as Matthew Carter
    • NightCas as Karr
    • StephenWollett as Tarak


On the planet Jorentheim an epic struggle plays out in the halls of Heorot. A struggle that has replayed again and again throughout the history of many worlds. (Timeline: Terran Stardate 01142391-)
The Hall of Heorot


News Briefs – Episode 16

h6. Personal Logs

Karr’s Personal Log – Episode 16
Tarak’s Personal Log – Episode 16
Matt’s Personal Log – Episode 16
Jeto Malta Incident Report – Episode 16
Crazy Eight’s Personal Log – Episode 16
YunDarr’s Personal Log – Episode 16

Name Development Points Bennies Reputation
Karr 3 3 -2 Honor
Tarak 3 3
Matt 3 3 2 Skill
Cutter 0 1



Wow, lots of craziness! Seems to have a lot of internal strife!
Crazy 8s is back?

Episode 16

Eight is soon to make an appearance. Her log posts recently have been a sort of preview of things to come.

Episode 16

Actually looking forward to her return.

Episode 16

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