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Star Trek Late Night

Episode 12

Episode 12

  • Director: Deykaras
    • Original Air Date: March 23, 2012
  • Starring:
    • Deykaras as Jacen Daasa
    • NightCas as Karr
    • Stephen Wollett as Tarak
    • Otto Blix as Cutter
    • Askaval as HECATE


Wherein the crew continues in their quest to find their lost shipmates. New aquaintances will be made – and a new threat discovered! (Timeline: Terran Stardate 07232390 – )

Borg sphere

News Briefs – Episode 12
Personal Logs

Jacen’s Personal Log – Episode 12
Tarak’s Personal Log – Episode 12
Alyr’s Personal Log – Episode 12
Thuku’s Personal Log – Episode 12
Karr’s Personal Log – Episode 12


Name Development Points Bennies Reputation
Jacen 1
Karr 3 1
Tarak 3 1
Cutter 3 2


Ok, for us readers, what happened? This “Nothing happen. I didnt see a thing. I see nothing.” keeps being repeated….

Episode 12

We aren’t sure just yet but I’ll tell it best I can. It seemed like we took the modified shuttle through the singularity and wound up in a pocket of “stabalized” space. There was a giant moon sized ship that was of obvious Borg construction. Like the Borg sphere but the size of a Borg cube. We were brought aboard, wherein we encountered Kang, his concubine, and his daughter Aura. It was all very Flash Gordon like. We had a cordial dinner with him and we were given a tour of some of the niceties. That night Alyr slipped off to hook up with Aura and to get vital information. He was successful and found that Aura would aid him in taking out her father. I can’t remember if this was necessary because he alluded to us being his prisoners but I don’t know if he actually said that. Anyway, Mike (Flash) showed up and challenged Alyr to the death. Alyr warned him that it was a big mistake but he pressed on. Alyr got the drop and took Mike out. Aura and Alyr spent the night together.

In the meantime Karr had made arrangements to work with the professor to do something with the engines but I must confess, I don’t remember. It was probably some way to get the sphere to pop out into real space again but I’m not sure.

Alyr met up with the team to tell them what he had found. That night at dinner, only Aura joined the group. During dinner she said something that made Tarak think that she was going to do something to the party. Again, I’m a little fuzzy on this but I do remember that he was the ONLY one that heard it. Including the Game Master. This is right about where reality collapsed.

A big fight started as Tarak attacked Aura. I tried to defend her and had it under control but Karr rushed to her (aid?) and spooked her. She shot him and Tarak killed her. Right about then all of the robots in the room started firing. We (Jacen) managed to kill them all. After which there was an argument and Jacen left the group to head back to the ship. We headed to try and kill Kang but that was a disaster and we ran into Borg(?). So we gave up on that and headed towards engineering. That didn’t work out either and we finally decided to have the girls beam us back to the ship. We left and went through the “out” portal of the pocket verse.

Something keyed us in that one of the girls wasn’t who she said she was and Tarak blew her head off. Some energy creature shot out of her and into space. When we got back to the ship the crew had no recollection of a singularity or many of the events that they should know. This was right at the end of the evening so we still don’t know what the crew knows and what they don’t.

We have a clue. Turns out that I have Flash’s ray gun that I took as a trophy for winning the duel. We scanned it with the medical tricorder. The GM said we got some info but it was too late to discuss it. We are going to follow up on that tonight.

Episode 12

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