Campaign of the Month: January 2012

Star Trek Late Night

Crazy Eights Final Log

Hello Loggy book, me has missed talking to you. Me has been busy saving me pets and me perfect ass from bad people. Me even make a few million bad people go poof. Did me tell you about me using swirly disrupty guns to make a city go poof. Me giggled and fell down. Me hit head and it hurt. Me wake up in jail. Me escape. Me do lots of things me should not tell you. Me don’t want you to hate me. Me is good girl. Me knows what to do now. Me tells you story of what happened to the galaxy. You like bed time stories right? Me thoughts so. Me gets to tell the story of the universe but me nots sure if me is qualified to do it right. Bad people who said they was good conquered all. Then more bad people came to fight them. Then more bad people came to fight them too. Then all bad people make up and be friends. Then more bad people from other universe come and kills billions of them. Then peace. Then the other universe baddies gets ship building machine and they capture or kill everyone except for the points that joined forces with them.

Me use temper ship to run away and me find that many years later the turtle shells win. They don’t win in good way, They gets Q continuum to run away forever. They gets buggy spiders to run away too. They even gets me friends the Smiley Points to run away. So now me is all alone except for me pets. Me pets seem very sad. Me pets say their friends died and we should use temper ship to go back and save them. Me thinks this bad. Me thinks stuff happen for reason and me not wants to see what happens if me gets involved. Me gets sad. Me sad because me pets is sad and me sad because me lose Smiley Points.

Me decide to go back. Me will start back in the 21st century and Terra and me will find the old Smiley Point when he was young and bring him to be with other Smiley Points. Maybe he will use his big sciencey kizzlewalker brain to save everyone. Me is hopeful. What do you think Loggy book? You think this is good idea? Me too.


Me thinks good idea! Me will miss Crazy Eights, and especially perfect ass! Me wish story go on forever.
Me silly.

Crazy Eights Final Log

I just finished reading the entirety of the logs. Some really good shit. Really loved Crazy 8.

You guys should revisit this campaign. You could JJ Abrams this shit and make a new campaign with new cast. Maybe show the StarFleet side of the same events.

Just a thought

Still, grats on one of the best campaigns on OP. The only one I have ever favorited.

Crazy Eights Final Log

Don’t get me wrong

I still love her

But damn someone need to kill her

Crazy Eights Final Log

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