Campaign of the Month: January 2012

Star Trek Late Night

Crazy Eight’s Personal Log Timeline 2 - Episode 4

Hello Loggybook. Me not so happy today. Me sad. Me see blue eyed green meanie man run through force field. Me not sure if me is in holodeck or real world. Me was sleeping on hard bed. He had tummy ache and went to see the doc and the stupid crusty shell was on one bed and the blue eyed green meany was in other bed. Me not sure why me was in ‘spital with bad people. Me thinks DomPoint was looking at me. The DomPoint was saying medical stuff but she not look happy or sad. She was a no mo spongehead. Me not like her. Me want to make her go poof but me leave rupter somewhere. Me think DomPoint should go poof and then BOOM!!!! Everything shake and rock and sizzle. Me smell blood and hear screams. Blue Eye Green Meanie starts to glow and walk right through force field. Me wonder if me mind make boom. The Boom again. Me so powerful. Me just think Boom and Boom happens. Me better stop thinking boom now. Me gets up and look for crew.

Me crew deal with bumpy heads and get all kind of sweet red juice. Me likes red juice. It make me teeth hurt and me head get fuzzy. Me wake in ‘spital. Me tell ‘spital story already and me want rupter.
Mantis and Unibrow come in and beat up the DomPoint. Me want to make her go poof but Unibrow say, “She’s a doctor, she helps people.” Me tell Unibrow to take me back to Temper Ship. We take Tempership to Deep Space 9. Me hear it go boom when me think boom. Me now sure what boomthinking means. Me need Bossy to splain.



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