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Star Trek Late Night

Bahb's Log Episode 9

Prison Break

Commander Bahb’s Log
Entry 175.1
Location: Bajor

We have a new assignment. We are traveling to a place called Facility 4028, a secret prison in the Briar Patch. I have grave reservations about the assignment but if it will end the stand off at DS9, then the risk is worth it. I wonder if I shall run into Bishop or Eve in the prison. I also wonder what I shall do if I do find them there.

Commander Bahb’s Log
Entry 175.2
Location: Brier Patch

Arriving in the Brier Patch is a real mess for sensors but we navigated the dangers and arrived at Facility 4028. I beamed down with our new doctor and Lt Latara. Following us down was Weyoun and a bunch of Jem’Hadar. I spoke with the warden and got our clearances to fetch the prisoner. The Founder was being held deep in the facility and we had to actually go get her. Discovering the prison was a corporate run facility and that all of the staff was holograms, was both exciting and disturbing.

After getting the founder we began to walk back through the maze of corridors and security doors. Then the power went out. Lights came on moments later. I used my tricorder and detected a bunch of strange energies and particles that made no sense. We heard an explosion. We continued until we found our way blocked by a cave in. I used a terminal to get a layout and found an alternate route. As we traversed the new path we got attacked by a space monkey. I call it a space monkey because t looked like a four foot tall spider monkey. It broke Latara’s neck. Thank the gods that we had a good doctor with us. I shot the thing and we moved on. Weyoun was bitching up a storm.

When we arrived at the next cell block we found a dozen monkeys attacks a small group of inmates. We came to the rescue of the inmates and lost one of the Jem’Hadar. I broke my arm which really hurt.

The inmates were all known to me. I find the probability of running into this many coincidences to be beyond belief. One was Walker, another Bishop and his tentacled friend. The last one was Admiral Quinn. I talked with Quinn and he didn’t know me. Now my conspiracy brain kicked in and I took a chance. I armed the lot of them and we moved on.

Several battles later I had the station back on line and we left with the prisoners. I had a lot of explaining to do with the captain.

Commander Bahb’s Log
Entry 175.3
Location: Deep Space

We are now en-route to Star-base One, Earth Star Port. Assuming that the Quinn we have with us is the real one, then the Admiral Quinn back at the base is an impostor. I have a plan to take him out and it looks like the admiral is on board. Crazy times.

Commander Bahb’s Log
Entry 175.4
Location: Earth

The plan was simple. We would transfer some prisoners, like the three I just took from that prison, and they would escape. During the distraction, me and the doc would beam in near the admiral’s quarters. We would use his code and enter and lay a trap. The plan worked too good. We got in but then had to wait hours for the Admiral to come home. When he did we hit him with Anesthestine Gas. It just pissed him off. He turned into a three legged alien and started beating the crap out of the doc. I shot him and he just got angrier. I shot him again and he went down. We beamed out. The aftermath was a real mess but Admiral Quinn is back in charge and the alien in prison. The alien turned out to be Species 8472 or as the doc called it, an Undine. I never heard of this one so now I got to read up.



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