Campaign of the Month: January 2012

Star Trek Late Night

Bahb's Log Episode 4

Commander Bahb’s Log
Entry 170.1
Location: K-7

Back on K-7 and we got a break. A bunch of the crew and I were in the bar drinking with some of the mercenaries. The mercs told big tales of first contact, strange aliens, and other BS that was hardly worth listening too. The we got word of the Dominion assault on DS9. While discussing what this meant for all of us, a huge explosion rocked the station. I ordered the crew back to duty stations as the red alert was sounded. Back on the bridge I scanned the station to find more explosives. Another one detonated. Then I found the third and beamed it deep into space. It was at this moment that I had a bad feeling and followed a hunch. I scanned for unknown life forms on the station and found one moving through the jeffreys tubes. S’rell agreed that I should beam it into a holding cell on our ship. I did as directed. All seemed to be getting better when the Hurricane rocked as power drains and fluctuations hit us. We were getting damage reports from all over the ship. The crew did what they needed to and resolved the problem and I felt a bit useless as it went down. Apparently the alien escaped the brig, infected about fifteen crew members and nearly destroyed our vessel. If not for engineering and security working together, we would have been lost.
During the debriefing it was revealed that the alien was the Orion we had captured on that Klingon ship a few days earlier. He was infected with some kind of energy parasite. We turned him over to Starfleet intelligence on K-7 and he escaped. Then we beamed him to our ship and the havok was devastating. Well, repairs are underway. I guess I will have to start reading my new Padd and if time allows, try to pick up a holorecorder.



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