Campaign of the Month: January 2012

Star Trek Late Night

Bahb's Log Episode 3

Commander Bahb’s Log
Entry 169.1
Location: Frontier

Patrolling the frontier is quite boring. I am serving on this ship with a female from Risa serving as the captain. You would think with Risan credentials, that she would be a blast. No. Instead I am on a ship with a wet blanket that is not very fun at all. Most of the bridge crew is not bad. We got the alluring Tivna as our intelligence officer. I am not sure what to think with her but she really intrigues me. Ronin is on Helm. This guy is fun. He just needs guidance and I shall be the one to give him the nudge when needed. Our security chief, S’rull, is a pain in the ass but I do like her.
While working my station I was bored and imagining Klingon battle ships engaging us when my sensors pinged a klingon ship. I almost thought it was my imagination. A dead ship floating in space. We investigated and discovered the ship was completely powered down and only life support was operational. We beamed over some of the crew and they encountered an insane Orion who shot the XO and nearly killed her. Kryon was on the away team and took over. S’rull captured the Orion while Kyron dealt with the engineering issues of the ship. Low and behold he found an alien artifact. it was pretty cool and I wanted to play with it but never got the chance.

Commander Bahb’s Log
Entry 169.2
Location: Tholian Space

We responded to a distress signal in Tholian space and discovered a Demon Class planet that was surrounded by quantum bubbles. The bubbles were emitting massive amounts of chronoton and tardyon particles. Following my advice the captain put me in charge of an away team. I took my buddy Kyron and a small security team. We navigated a shuttle through the bubbles and landed near the distress beacon. This is where things got a little weird. We discovered a ship from the year 2489. The crew of the ship was open to conversation and seemed very appreciative of our help. That is until I asked to use their holodeck to do some modeling and predictive planning. They cited the Temporal Prime Directive. Now everyone knows that I argued diligently against this directive in the academy but those arguments meant little here.

So we had to figure out how to free these people from the future while not destroying the planet and of course, getting ourselves home. My genius shined through and I worked up a plan. It was risky and if it failed, I suspect we would have blow the whole planet to dust. As the temporal bubbles began to fade we made our way back to our shuttle. I saw someone’s padd sitting on a table and picked it up. Our lovely S’rull saw me do it and swatted my hand. I picked it back up and protested that it was mine. After a heated argument, she seemed to take my word for it and we got off the shuttle. Our argument almost cost us the mission. We made it back to our shuttle with only second to spare.

Suddenly we were surrounded by Tholian ships and had to high tail it out of the system.



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