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Star Trek Late Night

Bahb's Log Episode 10

Commander Bahb’s Log
Entry 179.1
Location: DS9

Some days I really think I am the smartest person I know. Today is one of them. I worked out a number of positional coordinates in time and space where anomalous gateways might appear. I then convinced a bunch of people to join me on a trip to visit one. We started a club that seeks wormholes and other anomalies. I think we are calling it “SWAMIS” Spatial Wormhole And Macrocosmic Investigator Society. That is what is going in my reports. I am even posting my theories on such phenomenon on a bunch of message boards to try and get more members. I am thinking of charging 1 slip or 10 credits a month for membership and the founding members are lifetime members for free. Those members would of course be the ones who joined me on this crazy adventure.

So let me get to the story. I borrowed a runabout (The Nile) from ops on DS9. A bunch of people joined me for a few days in space. We arrived at the location and partied it up. Then I set the sensors to detect chronoton and tachyon emissions. I want to sleep.

Later I awoke to the alert claxxon sounding and Kyron screaming. Then we hit the planet. I busted my head on the ceiling and nearly was knocked out. Upon recovery, thanks to the doc, I saw that we were on a planet with a corrosive atmosphere and we were leaking plasma. Kyron and Bishop donned environmental suits and went out to fix things. While they were at it, a ship hailed us.

So we got things fixed and flew out of the planet’s atmosphere and docked with the ship. FIRST CONTACT!!!! YAY!!! A bit anti-climatic I must say. A ship of mostly humans from an alternate universe. They were really nice and helpful and their ship had no real security at all. We explored everywhere and parties with them. I slipped away and went back to the runabout to work out where the wormhole might be. The doc went off with a ram dude and got laid. Kyron went off with a cat and got laid. I think everyone got laid except me and the new girl Tiffany.

Finally I nailed the data and saw that the wormhole or gateway or whatever it was, was going to appear in a few hours. I recalled the crew and Kyron began giving orders. The ship we had encountered helped out too. Suddenly a bunch of warships appeared and all hell broke loose. Bishop took the helm while I worked on modifying the deflector to force the wormhole open early. Two hours of combat and we were at wits end. Then I hit the button to open the rift. It worked and we cheered until we saw one of the warships blocking the way. Bishop is nuts. He flew our little ship right at the warship, skimmed its surface, and popped us through the rift.

Back on DS9 everyone was real interested in why the Nile was shot to hell and had parts falling off of it. Getting the reports together is going to be a pain in the ass. At least Kyron took command and so he gets the blame if shit goes sideways.