Campaign of the Month: January 2012

Star Trek Late Night

Bahb’s Log - Episode 15

Time shall tell

Life can be very strange sometimes it will throw you a curve ball that are completely unexpected. I often use metaphors in my explanations of things and this metaphor is very pertinent because it comes from a game called baseball a human game that I have recently become aware of. In this game you have a man who throws a ball at another man with a bad tries to hit the ball. A curveball isn’t wonderful active physics. The ball is thrown from the picture towards the man with the bad cold the bathroom at the West second football clothes away from him. How was active physics works is quite extraordinary but it is not what we are talking about today. Today we are Are talking about wife and feet and how strange things happen. As you know I am a temporal specialist. As a temporal specialist I study time and the intricacies of the universe. So when something strange happens and I am given the choice to travel through time and fix it I can’t help myself I have to fix it. This I know it was a violation of the Temporal prime directive. But is it truly a violation if either temporal events led up to this moment?

So I had tons of logs written and I have deleted them because the events that happened in those logs have never actually happened. Time Trump was such a strange strange thing.

Bishop told us about a crazy woman in a ship traveling with a bunch of Andorians. I honestly just thought he was making it up. Now I have met the crazy woman and I am uncertain as to what just happened. With the help of the crazy woman I am a small group of other Starfleet officers travel backwards through time stopped an atrocity and saved the lives of every person on our crew.

Now we are moving forward in a new timeline and I am certain that things have changed. I can only worry about the possibilities but I will not let this worry bother me for I am certain that the saving of my crew is more important than whatever comes our way. And plus side this event has been closer to another crew member and I think a Relationship may be for me. We shall see.



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