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The Star Trek universe offers many great role playing possibilities but for me the best stories have always been the ‘What If’s’. So with the help of the players and friends, we will answer many What If’s that have plagued gamers and sci-fi geeks for ages. Through careful integration of many sci-fi sources – shows, books, and movies – we will explore an extremely expanded universe. So, to begin…

What if HBO had written Star Trek? We would have seen a darker, deadlier edge to the universe. Sex, language, and violence would have colored every level of the ST universe. That’s what we’re creating with Star Trek Late Night: Beyond the Federation.

War grips the Federation

Series 1 Season 1

It is the year 2390 and the United Federation of Planets is experiencing a change brought about by two terrible wars that have destroyed entire worlds and left tens of billions dead. On a distant planet located deep within the Romulan Star Empire is a penal colony where the most horrible criminals known to the galaxy are sent to spend the remainder of their lives. Our story began here.

As the season progressed the Jedi Knight was killed, the Merchant ran away, and the remaining crew went on to become the most wanted people in the Federation. They faced the Empire, Starfleet, Peacekeepers, Borg, and even a God. Finally they parted company to seek personal fortunes and agreed to meet at Deep Space Nine one year later.

Star destroyer over the Romulan colony of Ekza

Series 1 Season 2

One year later, the galaxy has not changed much. Wars are still being fought and a pervasive evil still seems to be growing. With the discovery of the Nevereen Logorythmic Engine, the party gains an almost limitless ability to travel the galaxy. They embark on treasure hunting and piracy to make ends meet. Ultimately each action leading them towards a discovery that will rock the Federation. After 50 Episodes the story came to an end.

Series 2 Season 1

Following a quantum shift we join a new group of adventurers. This time the story resolves around a cadre of Starfleet officers as they make discoveries exploring the final frontier.

R rated


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