The Union of Allied Planets

During the Eugenics war on Earth, thousands of ships fled the planet to escape the purge. Many of those ships found their way to the Dulse Wormhole that use to exist at the edge of the Sol system. The Wormhole deposited these refugees into a unique system in an alternate universe. The wormhole collapsed within a decade of the mass migration and has not reopened since. The only way into this alternate universe is via super tech or one of the few unstable wormholes that bring people here. The one in the Vort Nebula opens every three or four years.

Currently a centralized government has been established with the core worlds rulling the system. Lawlessness exists on many of the outer worlds. Through the use of some amazing technology, the people of UAP have terraformed nearly every planet in the system and are able to maintain viable living atmospheres.

Though they possess some incredible technology, they have failed to discover how to achieve FTL.

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The Union of Allied Planets

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