Thanos's Personal log - Episode 44

I feel like insanity has become the norm. We made it back to Cutter’s ship and put Karr and Anara into the closet Cutter calls a sickbay. Karr was in the bed barely conscious when Matt knocks him on the floor and puts Anara in the bed. I went to the bridge and started talking with Cutter when his comms guy says we got an incoming message. Next thing I know all of us, the crew included, appear back in the cube. I am thinking, “Frak this shit!”

After alot of arguing and posturing Cutter used his magic kung fu skills to heal Anara and Karr. Then we made a plan to start exploring. I gotta say, these fraking traps are deadly. In a matter of hours we lost five people and had three others wounded badly. We even had a firefight with Stormtroopers which ended badly for them. Where they came from is anybody’s guess but they were angry and started blasting at us before we even realized they were there.

Someone suggested I use that comm badge that was modded out by that Doctor guy. Supposedly it can communicate with whomever I desire, anywhere, anytime. I never checked it on the time thing as I don’t understand it but the anywhere thing works real good. I often chat with friends on Terra, Citadel, and DS9. Well I tried calling Ba’leer as requested and he used his magic-like/super-tech to transport us to him.

The place he took us to was like over eighty degree C and was all glowing red and kind of dark and creepy. Matt and Cutter started working a deal where we would have to deal with Karr’s past in exchange for getting out of the trap. Ba’leer seemed to take interest in Alana and the fact that she was out light a light. He leaned forward and game her a thump on the head and Matt drew his gun and blasted Ba’leer right in the face. It happened so fast that none of us could even think about doing anything. Suddenly we were back in the cube. I wanted to be angry but honestly it was funny as hell watching Cutter’s face go through a million contortions.

Well we all put our head together after than and started calculating and working out the numbers and the colors and the other things we had learned about the cube. We figured out the pattern eventually and were able to escape without incident after several hours. Once out and into the tunnel that led away from the cube we found a room with a big whiskey bottle that said drink me. Matt and Cutter took slugs of the stuff but the rest of us didn’t. They opened the door and started up the steps. When the big turtle, Nox, passed through to the steps he burst into flames and fell to the floor. Cutter was looking real sick and I wasn’t sure if it was the drink or seeing his last crew mate get killed.

Cutter did his healing kung fu magic on Nox and Nox stabilized. Then we all took drinks of the whiskey and even forced some down Nox’s throat. Alana and Katrina dropped into convulsions and we worked on stabilizing them. So Karr grabbed Katrine and Matt grabbed Alana and Cutter and me carried Nox and we started up the steps. Three hours later we reached the top and ran into some woman.

She was about 70 yard away and spoke loud and clear asking for some kind of code. After trying some dates and numbers it was obvious we were all upset. Cutter took his example from Matt. Her drew and shot the cunt and dropped her like a wet rag.

We started laughing as we went forward and rolled her over. That is when we saw she was a Vulcan and quite a nice looking one too. Karr let out a cry of anguish and ran forward and dropped to his knees holding her. He was on the verge of tears and we had no idea what the Frak was going on.

Once we got him to talk we realized it was his dead mother. You know, the mother who died and left him this damned quest. The mother that cursed us with coming here. I wanted to shoot Karr so bad that I had to bite my tongue not to. So as we watched her dead body start to twitch I went for my gun. Amazing thing happened. Cutter hit her but it was only a flesh wound. I couldn’t believe my eyes when she stood up with Karr and hugged her son.

After talking with her a little we realized that Karr was the key we needed for the maze. If he took the lead the traps were disabled. I really want to kill that fraking Klingon. I may just hire Obdulia to plant a bomb in his bed. Well we still need to talk to the slit that calls herself Karr’s mother. I may just kill her too but I want to hear what she has to say.

Thanos's Personal log - Episode 44

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