Thanos's Personal log - Episode 41

The Solar Ring is incredible. It is huger than I ever could wrap my mind around and seeing it in person shall remain one of the most awe inspiring moments of my life. It is basically a ribbon set at one astronomical unit away from a small yellow-orange sun. The ribbon is roughly 1 million miles wide and encircles the entire sun creating a livable space that is huge enough to house every living person in the alpha and beta quadrant at the same time. The immensity of this place is so mind shattering that it makes your mind want to vent into space. I can honestly say that for at lest ten minutes after seeing this thing, I was unable to speak. I shall forever be in Matt’s debt for insisting we seek this thing out. He has shown me a wonder that I never could have imagined.

As we approached the solar ring we noticed hundreds of thousands of satellites orbiting the ring. They appeared to be deflated tubers made of gold. We scanned them but could determine no purpose to their existence. We then moved onto examining the ring itself. Matt got real excited when he noticed that one tiny section of the ring contained a life sized map of the planet terra built to perfect scale. I was duly impressed but even more so when I saw that the very next segment of the ring was a perfect life size replica of Andoria. I longed for home when I saw those icy peaks and fields of snow.

We decided to prep a shuttle and go visit this area of the ring. I was getting ready to ask the group to visit the Andoria replica first when the red alert sounded. I ran to the bridge and saw the fraking Deathstar closing on us and several hundred tie fighters. I ordered evasive maneuvers and told the crew to get us the Frak out there. We were too close the ring to jump to warp and our impulse speed was too slow to get away. I told the captains to get to their respective ships and prepare for battle. Karr sounded ready and roared some Klingon battle cry into the comms. Then it hit me, I told Matt to calculate a jump with the Navigators Box. He sent me the data and we hit go just as a barrage of blaster fire nailed our shields.

I am not sure what happened next. The ship screamed and shuttered and we were falling towards the ring. Blaster fire continued to pound us as we plummeted into the atmosphere. All power except for emergency power seemed to have been zapped out of the ship. I ordered the crew to abandon ship and me and Braz stayed on the bridge as the evacuation began. As we fell towards our doom I started punching the consoles and suddenly we had impulse power. It was too late, we were too far into our decent and could break the hold of the gravity of the ring. I tried to turn our crash into a controlled landing but was only partially successful. We skimmed across the surface of the planet with no shield and virtually no power. I think the gouge we carved into the landscape was over 50 miles long but we eventually came to a stop. The Nyalarthotep was dead.

Braz was looking rough but we managed to climb out of the ship and found Karr and Matt outside. Apparently they got their ships free during the fall and landed nearby. The rest of my crew was missing. Lost in the wilderness of this super structure. Karr used his tractor beams to pull out one of my shuttles and we put it in his tiny hanger.

We set up camp near by and Cutter found his way too us. After some rest we heard ships landing and realized that troop transports were coming in near the Nyalarthotep. Karr offered his ship for scouting the area. Several of us joined Karr and his crew as they flew to the Hotep and we saw Imperial Stormtroopers setting up around my ship and entering it. I was angry and ready to fight. Cutter suggested we beam up an officer and interrogate him and he made that happen. The prisoner was a waste but he gave me an idea. I went down to my shuttle and powered up and started beaming other Stormtroopers up and placing them about 2 miles above us and let them fall to their death. I was laughing with glee as I killed seven of them before Karr called me on comms and asked me to stop.

I guess it was then that the fighters appears and the battle was on. I was not going to Frak with Karr and his crew so I stayed in my shuttle and waited and drank some beer that I had recently brewed. Matt came down to join me but Cutter went up and joined Karr on his bridge. The battle raged for some time before I had the idea to turn on my shuttle’s shields. I don’t really trust Karr’s ability as a captain and was afraid he might get us all killed.

When the big explosion hit I knew we were in trouble. I scanned Karr’s ship and saw it had lost its warp nacelle and I powered up phasers and blasted my way out of the hanger. Lucky for me and Matt, I am the best pilot in the galaxy and we made it out before Karr crashed into the side of a mountain with extreme force. I saw one fighter fleeing the area. It was a strange design with forward sweeping wings. I chose not to give chase considering I was only in a shuttle.

When we landed we discovered that Karr never issued the command to abandon ship and as a result of that failure everyone on board was dead except for Karr, Katrina, and Cutter. They looked bad. Katrina was near death and the other two looked like they could welcome death with open arms.

Well now we are camped and I am hoping that we will be ready to do something. We are two ships down and a hostile force is in orbit. I shall welcome the battle when it comes but until I find my crew I can not place my attention towards vengeance. I guess Cutter is going to get his chance to go blow up that Deathstar. I hope his schematics of the station are accurate or it will be the shortest battle in the history of the galaxy.

Thanos's Personal log - Episode 41

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