The Starjammers were a major force of resistance against the Empire during the war. They supplied the resistance with arms, medicine, and critical information. It was during this time that Alyr worked with them as part of their crew. The Federation was supportive of their efforts and even presented them with medals.

After the war ended and the new laws came into play the Federation detained Raza for genetic and cybernetic enhancements and Hepzibah for her studies of the Force. Corsair and Ch’od rescued them and became instant fugitives.

The Starjammers became rebels again but now they resist the new fascist regime; the Federation.

Currently, Hepzibah has been recaptured and is en route to Denchar. The Starjammers do not know where the Federation has sent her but they are looking.

Episode 9

Corsair, Ch’od, and Hepzibah managed to make a brazen escape from a Romulan transport bound for the Denchar Penal Colony. After stealing the captains yacht, they were able to navigate their way to Commerce Planet 1. There they had the good fortune to hook up with Raza Longknife and Ka’Beck Yetal.

Becky used her vast array of contacts to find the Starjammer and the team was able to liberate it the starport it where it was stationed.

Episode 11

The Starjammers were instrumental in helping Becky break into and deposit her film into Memory Alpha where it spread like wildfire.

The Starjammers are currently in hiding in one of their boltholes while they watch the UFP’s head explode.

Corsair Hepzibah Ch’od Raza Longknife
Ka'Beck Yetal


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