Getting to Know your Character?

This is something that will help you and the GM have a better understanding of your character. It’s not a requirement that you answer all of these questions – but you should at least look them over and come up with answers for yourself. If you wish to share those answers with the GM, it may help him direct the campaign more in line with your personal desires.

What planet is your character from?

What species is your character? Describe them physically.

Does your character have any habits or mannerisms of note?

What is your character’s main motivation?

What is your character’s favorite foods/drinks?

What are your character’s most and least favorite things?

What about your character’s psychology?

What is your character’s single greatest fear?

What is your character’s highest ambition? Greatest love?

How does your character feel about the United Federation of Planets?

How does your character feel about the Empire?

Who does your character hate?

Where do your character’s loyalties lie?

Is your character in love?

What three words would best describe your character?

How would your character’s parents describe him?

Does your character have any regrets?

How does your character make a living? Are they frugal or do they blow their money?

What is your character’s opinion of slavery, piracy, assassination?

If you could, what advice would you give you character?

What type of cool stuff do you want for your character?

What big dreams do you have for your character?

What, if anything, would make your character retire?

What, if anything, would make your character go completely bad?

If you could choose, how would your character die?


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