Matt's Questionnaire

What planet is your character from?
Earth, in the early part of the 21st century.

What species is your character? Describe them physically.
I’m a Human, a little over 1.8m in height, and about 90kg in mass. My hair is black and my eyes are grey. I’ve got reasonably good muscle tone from exercising and training.

Does your character have any habits or mannerisms of note?
Doesn’t everyone? Thing is, most people (including myself) are generally unaware of them. I guess if you want to really know the answer to this, you’ll have to observe me for a while and see for yourself.

What is your character’s main motivation?
Excitement, whatever the form; boredom is my worst enemy. After that would be treasure and/or discovery. I don’t know which of those two comes next – it probably depends on the situation at the time.

What is your character’s favorite foods/drinks?
You can’t beat good Korean food, though I do love me some kabob. South American cuisine is up on the list too. But my absolute all-time favorite has got to be southern fried chicken.

What are your character’s most and least favorite things?
My favorite thing is waking up next to a beautiful woman after a night of sex or fucking (either is like pizza – even bad pizza is still pretty good). Least favorite would be a woman crying – I just don’t know how to deal with that.

What about your character’s psychology?
Some call me an adrenaline junkie – I guess that’s accurate to a point. Mainly I just like having a good time.

What is your character’s single greatest fear?
Those bug things from the Aliens movies are pretty scary. And those bugs from Starship Troopers. I guess really big bugs.

What is your character’s highest ambition? Greatest love?
My highest ambition is to achieve a lifestyle that’ll let me live in comfort for the rest of my life. My greatest love would be sharing that life with a woman I both love and respect.

How does your character feel about the United Federation of Planets?
The what?

How does your character feel about the Empire?
Again, what?

Who does your character hate?
I hate ignorance, especially when people are adamant about not learning something new. I think an open mind is essential if one’s going to get along in the world.

Where do your character’s loyalties lie?
To those that I trust.

Is your character in love?
I don’t know. There are women I think about like that, but I haven’t made any effort to nail them down by proposing. I suppose I’m still enjoying spreading my oats, but there are some women I’ve met that I would consider settling down with, eventually.

What three words would best describe your character?
Nerdy, athletic, and human. That last one seems to be pretty important in these new environs I find myself in.

How would your character’s parents describe him?
They were always proud of me; always backing my decisions. I hope they never find out about some of the things I’ve done, or things I suspect I’ll do in the future.

Does your character have any regrets?
Of course.

How does your character make a living? Are they frugal or do they blow their money?
I was a scientist and a mercenary working for Blackeagle Security and Investigations. In essence, that made me a mercenary, though I tried to avoid the types of the jobs that required ‘wet work’. Not that I’m opposed to killing – I’ve had to shoot a person or two, but that was to save my own skin. I guess I blow money pretty easily; in my line of work, you eventually realize that dying is a part of the job, so you may as well spend it and enjoy yourself while you can.

What is your character’s opinion of slavery, piracy, assassination?
I don’t know about assassination; is it ever really necessary? I suppose if it was absolutely necessary – meaning no other option – I’d get over it. I wouldn’t like it – but I think I’d get over it. Piracy has kind of a romantic quality to me, even though I know the way it’s depicted in literature and media in no way reflects the actual lifestyle. Still, the swashbuckler in me wouldn’t mind giving it a go. Slavery – now there’s a complicated matter. I grew up reading a certain series of novels wherein women were subservient to men. Gotta admit I like the idea of that.

If you could, what advice would you give you character?
Airplane rules apply – take care of yourself first, and then your loved ones. Let everyone else take care of themselves.

What type of cool stuff do you want for your character?
Well, he’s a twenty-first century guy in the twenty-fifth century, so a lot of what other characters take for granted he’s already gonna think is the cool stuff. Ray guns, energy shields, personal space ships – these are the things he grew up reading about and fantasizing about.

What big dreams do you have for your character?
None – I just want to have fun in the campaign and help co-write cool stories with the Narrator and other Players.

_*What, if anything, would make your character retire?*+
He wants to get home (sort of), but the adventure where he’s at is a HUGE draw on him. Even if he gets home again, I doubt he could go back to the (for him) mundane job he’d had before he was taken to the future.

What, if anything, would make your character go completely bad?
Probably hanging with the party. Really. They’re a bunch of cutthroats whose only balancing factor was my last character, Jacen. Without his input, or Rexar’s for that matter, there’s not a whole lot to stop the crew from going further and further down the ‘bad’ road.

If you could choose, how would your character die?
Not at all. He’d love to find some of that anti-aging stuff that Niven wrote about in the Known Universe novels. And dying in combat just sucks; it’s never as glorious as you hope it’ll be. If I had to choose, snuffing out a Q would be a cool way to go; I just gotta figure out how to do it now.

Matt's Questionnaire

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