Matt's Personal Log - Episode 47

Well shit. Let me repeat that… shit. I don’t know where Karr got off to, but the rest of us decided to hit the guard tower so we could get some information. (We’d been given directions to that effect, but it usually takes us a while to take advice.) Anyhow, guard tower was humanocentric, so the majority of the group wasn’t able to enter. That left me, Alyr and Thanos (who was still carrying his ‘Proof of Human’ card with him) to enter and see what research we could get into. So that sorta brings me back to my opening… shit.

I was right to be interested in the link to Celtic mythology, ‘cause the background we got on Balor and the Evil Eye keeps bringing me back to that word. Balor, it turns out, was Thrawn (see, that word just kinda makes everything a little better). His ’Evil Eye’? I bet you guessed… it was the Death Star! (I’ll pause here so you can say it with me… shit!)

I forget what year it’s supposed to be here. I can tell you it’s been a millenium (give or take a century) since the UFP was wiped out by Balor’s forces. The Romulans eventually joined with him, apparently in return for his having saved them from the Borg. The Vulcans, in their infinite capacity for rationalization thinly disguised as ‘logical thinking’, also joined him (I guess they saw the writing on the wall). That’s why pointy-eared people aren’t so well liked here.

They’ve lost Earth, Vulcan, Andoria-that-Was… all of it lost to the passage of time. We don’t know where we are in the galaxy (or even if we’re still in the same one). The one tool that would really help us pin that data down would be a computer, right? After all, it’s been a long time, so they gotta be wicked capable now – probably only take us a few minutes to pinpoint our location and be on our way. The problem (you knew that was coming, right?) is that they don’t have computers here! Turns out that computers are evil! Who knew?! Evidently, after getting whupped by Thrawn, the ‘thinking machines’ decided to have their own little revolution, their own ‘Butlerian Jihad’! So, no computers for us. (Hell, if anyone figures out what our tricorders are, we’ll probably be burned at the stake! Let’s all say it again… shit!)

Lord Vader was in story somewhere as well, but my head was still spinning from the shit-storm we now find ourselves in so I’m not entirely clear on his part. I think he eventually helped the Feds against Thrawn’s forces, but in the end the result is an interstellar Dark Ages with the classic triumvirate: Nobility, Church and Merchants. There is a Charioteer Guild, which has a semblance to the Neverness Navigators, so I may be able to at least earn some money in the long run. We’re gonna need some of that if we intend to find a way back home, and Alyr’s portable wealth isn’t gonna last forever.

So I’m gonna leave this the way I started it.


Matt's Personal Log - Episode 47

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