Matt - Between Season 1

Well, it’s been almost a year since we last met – not a long time when you really think about things. The crew’s split up and scattered throughout the stars. I guess seeing his old friend, Barty, really screwed with Alyr’s head, ‘cause we didn’t manage to land the trade contract; that’s not such a big deal to Alyr – he’s loaded – but it was a disappointment to some of the others. Once we got back to Neverness and gave the Guild the news, Alyr transported us where we needed to go and then took off for parts unknown with Thuku and most of the crew in the Starlight.

I think Karr headed for Klingon space; I’m pretty sure he was going to try and catch up to K’ara in the search for his uncle – I hope he finds her. The loss of YunDarr hit him hard, and I don’t think he ever really got over it.

Thanos took one of the ‘Seven’ and his two slaves and headed off toward Trill in the Hound. I think he was hit the hardest by not cashing in on the deal – he was probably looking to upgrade his ship with some goodies, and that takes cash, regardless of the UFP’s vaunted ‘cashless’ society.

Alyr dropped me, Nova, and Cheyenne off at Citadel Station. Chey stuck around for a few weeks, but after being cooped up in that one system she was feeling antsy to see the rest of the galaxy; can’t say I blamed her, but I’ll miss her – I hope our paths cross again someday.

After that, Nova and I hung out around the station, just having some fun. I helped Ben out on a coupla jobs he was short-handed on – he took a keen interest in Nova, which she reciprocated. She’s moved in with him now, and they’re happier than I’ve ever seen either of them before. Makes me happy too – Ben’s a good guy and will watch out for her like I never would.

Even Cate’s gone off on her own – if you count Trivia and Cate as the same person. Occasionally she drops in and has a chat, but usually wants to head to one club or the other to dance and enjoy herself, even if she does try to hide the activity as ‘anthropological research into the tribal mating habits of organic sapients’. I also get the impression that she’s still keeping tabs on the crew, in order to continue her research, whatever that is. She doesn’t talk about it though, so I don’t bring it up.

So what have I been up to? Well, I did get a ship of my own – a small one, but she’s all mine. Right now, Karr’s friend Jenkins is patching her up and doin’ a little work for me, so I haven’t named her yet. Still, I am looking forward to getting out there in the galaxy and making my own way for once. And with the addition of my little box, traveling should be a snap! Don’t know where I’ll head first – there’re too many choices. In the meantime I’ve been pulling odd jobs here on Citadel – mostly grunt work, but hey, at least it’s better than the last time I was here on my own! I’ve got a little money and can afford an apartment and cooked foods.

One of the more interesting things that’s happened involved this Fersan dude… Fearasans? They’re big humanoid felines like Kzinti or Caitians; I think they’re a split-off from Caitians like Romulans are from Vulcans. Anyway, I was hangin’ out in Jella’s place when this big purple Ferasan walks in lookin’ for Ol’ Bill. The two of them sit at the bar and start swappin’ stories about their adventuring days, so I bought a few rounds and joined them, mostly listening. Let me tell ya, it sounded like those two old scalawags really knew how to have fun back in the day, even if only half of what they’d talked about was true!

The story that caught my attention though was when Chaltos, the Ferasan, brought up the ‘Ring’ (no, not the one from Mount Doom, if you even know what I’m referring to). When he brought it up, both he and Bill glanced around the bar conspiratorily – and then realized they’d had an audience (including me) for most of the night. They gave each other a look and seemed to shrug, and then Bill took up the story.

Seems that during one of their little jaunts had brought them out past the Ul-Kimiri Expanse, where they encountered an artifact of immense size, one they attributed to a race they called the Iconians. These Iconians are supposed to have left artifacts of immense power all over the galaxy, and are even thought to have given life to every (or nearly every) form of life in the galaxy today. Well the ‘Ring’ that was found was a ‘ringworld’! Can you imagine? A ribbon of some immensely strong material surrounding a star at roughly one AU, with a width of 1 million miles! That’s roughly a surface area equal to that of three million Earths!

Well I had a target to aim for now! First thing I did the next morning was talk to Jenkins to see how much longer the upgrades were going to take. Now all I have to do is start figuring out exactly where this ringworld might be. Turns out the Ul-Kimiri Expanse is on the far side of the Klingon Empire, so it looks like I might be reuniting with Karr sooner rather than later. I gotta hit some more research – maybe talk to Cate’s friend Hal here on the station. If Citadel’s as old as some say it is, there might be records buried deep within his databanks referring to the ringworld.

I’ll let you know what I find.

Matt - Between Season 1

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