Lost Worlds

Beacon: Legend has it that this world was heavily terraformed by the Anunnaki. Beacon is supposed to have an extreme axial tilt, providing it with a constant, freezing nightside and a sun-blistered desert dayside. A small temperate zone exists between these extremes. Anunnaki pyramids dot the northern continent, the largest of which transmits a tachyon pulse signal towards a neighboring yellow giant star (hence the planet’s name).

Heaven’s Ridge: An uncharted world said to neighbor the Kurgan Caliphate, but still remaining unconquered. Builders of uncanny AI’s and ships with clearly Anunnaki inspired designs are rumored to be found here.

Sky Tear: The strange, fungus-infested world of Sky Tear. It is said that all human inhabitants of Sky Tear become insane, sooner or later.

Antioch: Antioch is reputed for its beauty and extremely skilled diplomats. It is sometimes called the gateway to the green-blooded maniacs.

Epiphany: Unknown lost world that is supposed to be a water world of peaceful fishermen.

Novgorod: A hostile jungle-infested world, with many ancient ruins.

Lamorak: A world of mythical heroes that the entertainment industry cannon get enough of.

Twilight: A world plagued by a post-nuclear holocaust environment.

Kun Lun: An uncharted world reputedly full of psychics and a sinister, largely unknown Overmind presence or intelligence.

Lost Worlds

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