Karr's Personal Log - Episode 49

Hmmmm (takes a deep breath) I think we are in the belly of the death star or at least star destroyer as prisoners after we were held as prisoners by the star fleet after dying in cold space after killing my mom (again) after finally passing one of those test.


Now let me slow down. We went through the second door and ended up back on the island again. This time the world was at its end. The volcano was steaming. The sea was boiling acid. There was a big guy there to fight who had challenge us. I think it was more so for me. However, I was discussing with Matt about his statement that Human are always superior. So I told him jokingly to prove it by going into the ring with this guy. Matt said sure and walk into the ring and kill him with a blaster. Then Matt turn to me and said see. Then the island exploded with in a volcano eruption.

I heard a voice say something about “lets do that again”. Then suddenly we were back on again on the island but now there were two big guys.

Cutter said enough and step in to the ring. Suddenly a old man appeared next to him and walk over with him. The old man fried the first big guy with force lightning left him a pill of husk. Cutter kill the other with quick hits and yank out his guts with air magic. Cutter then took the ruby batleth and had it to me. I try to mentally reach out to it and it command me to kill Cutter. Without hesitation thinking it must be another test…i strike at Cutter. Cutter flew up and I follow him to try again. I then realize I had fail the test as the it told me I was not worthly of it. I drop it to the ground and let myself be open to Cutter counter attack but he did not. I flew down and try to reclaim it again it said i was not honorable for it and started to burn in flames. I refuse to let go as it damage me. Finally I drop it. In the end. We destroyed by a blaster fire. Then were back at the Star Forge.

My mother said that I destroyed key and now the station was under self destruction. As a last chance effort I went through the last of 3 doors. Thanos stayed behind. We end up back at the island again but this time there as pyramid shape device. One side had Klingon writing, second side had Vulcan writing and third federation writing. We were able to answer the riddles that were on the sides of it. I was glad to have had Matt and Cutter were there.

We were brought back to the Forge. My mother stated that the self destruction was stop but we were under attack by a second Death Star that had shown up and blew away the first Death Star.
We ask how can we regain control and was given a question “How does the Riker begin?” We didn’t know what she was or what content she was referring to. After a while of guessing including the fact she offer seats for us as she made a star fleet ship boardroom table and chair appear. As I am sitting in one of the chairs. Either Cutter or Matt just shot my mother dead again. She vanished so did the table and chair i was sitting in. There was nothing but empty room with a door leading back to the cubes.

We pull out tricorder to read energy. I had an engineer one, Matt had a science and Cutter a communication one. The walls were magnetize. The explosion were getting closer for attack on the forge from the death star. Cutter went to punch his way through one wall and just went right through. Thinking it must be a pathway Matt and I ran through the wall. Next we all are drifting in space. I start to try pull us back and start to pass out. My fading moments is seeing us being transported.

We beamed aboard onto a star fleet ship… the USS Enterprise command by Capt. Data. I was in to too bad condition to do anything but try to remain a wake. I remember being told we were prisoners and being taken to medical. I was put into a medical tank.

Next I am pulled out and thrown into a cell but this is not star fleet but the Empire. I can hear and see out my prison window storm troopers. I can hear Matt and others talking. One others say to have been traveling with me and Matt so it must be Cutter. Oh Yeah, Cutter is very much wanted by them. He must have change his look.

After a while I hear trooper talking to Matt and Matt starts giving smart remarks. He even claim to be a Jedi. I was able to get out of my cell but Cutter had gotten out and stop things.

Now we are here…… great.

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 49

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