HECATE's Personal Log - Episode 7

+++Begin Log+++

Log Date: 529398 terran standard

New medical facilities are acceptable and holographic cover is extensive, all in all an excellent ship.

Subject 01 made contact with adversary adversary refused to dance not much happened though safe to assume that subject 01’s existence is now confirmed and inevitable termination attempts will follow. The subject still remains firmly within fluctuation area of variable parameters. subject refused to dance.

Subject 02’s dancing ability/willingness is undocumented

Subject 03 has begun preliminary training in martial aspects of control parameters, must observe reaction to philosophical variables closely. subject refused to dance.

Subject 04 succesfully installed software upgrades, no anomalies detected and very happy about that! will need to test newly acquired game settings against cheating scumbag subject 03. Subject 04 was also unmoved by all-encompassing cuteness of Tribble lifeform, reacting violently to its presence even though no virus or pathogens detected. subject also refused to dance. beginning to suspect subject 04 has no soul.

Subject 05 is on hold pending reunion with experimental group

Procured Chassis is well calibrated and acceptable, though events at bar and subsequent fear and abject terror have clearly demonstrated that further attempts at corporeal interaction are too risky to be contemplated and will be suspended immediately. Will reprogram chassis as bodyguard, aide and dance partner.

Continued study and analysys of captive Tribble population producing fascinating results. Will begin inoculation of captured BBS pathogen in a countained study sample to track pathogen mutation, link to Force/Spiritual matrix and to see what interesting colors such a move would have.

Beginning decryption and analysis of sealed Imperial Diplomatic Packet obtained from Executor class Super Star Destroyer.

+++End Log+++

HECATE's Personal Log - Episode 7

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