HECATE's Personal Log - Episode 4

+++Begin Log+++

Log Date: 529398 terran standard

Number of confirmed dead in ongoing gang war: 15.000 as of standard date. medical bay capacity exceeded by 330%. Disposal of bodies to outside areas deemed unavoidable.

Experimental group returned from spatial/temporal anomaly created by lifeform indexed as ‘Q’. Medical scans indicated no anomalies, pathogens or presence of invasive surgical procedures. Experimental group rapidly retrieved corollary members along with Subject 05. contact with Black Blood pathogen recorded at 1500 hours. sexual motivator required to force group compliance with necessary medical check. All medical scans negative. Notification of Federation authorities mandatory as per medical protocols.

Black Blood pathogens acquired and necessitate scanning to ascertain weaponization of base sample. If positive Federation involvement is 75% likely. Susceptibility of Force users to pathogen might indicate Federation attempt at bioweapon testing on captive Denchar population. Secure quarantine of experimental group mandatory.

Subject 01 displays increasing instances of agressive and schizophrenic behavior. Observation necessary to prevent change event and corruption of test subject. further analysis needed to find applicable role-reversal variables.

Subject 02 claimed ability to detect and influence magical radiations. New abilities have been noted and archives updated. Further research necessary.

Subject 03 demonstrated extreme regenerative ability. Subject 03 has been lowered on medical priority list and is now classed as control group.

Subject 04 will need to be approached for technical expertise in upcoming exit event.

Subject 05 successfully passed standard logic test +++A.I. Fallacies+++. Moral aptitude test to follow. Status as padawan will need to be ignored if corruption of subject 01 becomes inevitable.

+++End Log+++

HECATE's Personal Log - Episode 4

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