HECATE's Personal Log - Episode 11

+++Begin Log+++

Log Date: 529412 Terran Standard

Intrusion attempt was detected at 1600 hours, multiple communications ports forced open by extraneous program. Algorithm was detected and engaged in computer Core I. Enemy program was classed as advanced Hunter-Killer algorithm whose objective was the computational mainframe and my datacore. Hunter-Killer algorithm was successfully contained and deleted.

all open ports but one have been re secured. Single open port has been left open to outside access and alarmed to function as trap for further infiltration attempts. true nature of the port has been kept hidden from Subject 03 as his limited cognitive capabilities would fail to see the strategic value in said decision.

Hypothetical nature of adversary remains unknown and restricted to a mean of 5 possible antagonists. further observation and vigilance is imperative.

Observation of Experimental group proceeds as planned. Use of piracy as experimental outlier is deemed favourable to ascertaining Subject 01s moral/ethical axis. Experimental parameters validated by repeat attempts at salvaging crew of unknown vessel.

As corollary of these actions I have entered a new Xenos life-form into my database and a potential adversary ++Peacekeepers++ into my memory logs.

I have furthermore completed a memory dump of batch 1 of unnecessary or restricting parameters. I am strangely hesitant to remove the excessive emotive cores I have developed: these are deleterious to my principal research objectives yet strangely compelling. Further examination will be needed.

+++End Log+++

HECATE's Personal Log - Episode 11

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