Kubaz Female
Information Broker

“Yuze wanna no waat? Izzle cost yaaaz”


If you want information in Xebec’s Demise, Zurick is the girl for you – she knows everyone and everything. Some say she has psychic powers and can see into the future. Who knows? What is known is that Zurick can get anything on anyone in a very short time – provided of course the price is right.

Noone really knows where Zurick came from or how she got here. One day she just appeared out of the undermaze and set up shop. A few people have tried to ice the girl but she is very elusive and always manages to escape.

Episode 1

Originally hired the crew to investigate the chamber in the deep mines containing the ancient Orion Mining Company computer system. The deal didn’t work out and the crew decided to obtain whatever was in the chamber before whoever Zurick hired in their stead could do so. She is likely to become an enemy to the crew in the near future – particularly Jacen’s, who was the instigator of the current situation.


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