Nocromonger Lord Marshall


Necromonger Male
Lord Marshal/Ruler


Convert now… or fall forever.

Zhylaw ‘The Last’ is the sixth Lord Marshal of the Necromongers. He adopted their darkest philosophy about the planets unwilling to convert, with infanticide.

In 2359 as a warrior who would be Lord Marshal, he mounted an attack on Furya, killing all males he could find and even strangling some with their own umbilical cords. He did this because of a prophecy that declared a Furyan would later cause his downfall and destroy him. All but perhaps a few surviving Furyans converted to and joined the Necromongers, as the Necromonger Purifier.

He created many Conquest Icons that served not only as a memorial of the battle that took place where it landed, but also as a means to initiate that battle. The campaigns he led across the planets of the Coalsack, Aquilan, and Cazar systems often only had Conquest Icons remaining to mark the battles that took place.

He has recently received word that a Furyan is suspected to be in the Denchar Penal Colony. He has assassins en route to find and kill this Furyan if he does in fact exist. They are converted Romulans posing as Denchar guards and are aboard the same transport as Hepzibah.


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