Wookie Combat Engineer



Wookiee Male

“That isnt my kid”

YunDarr List
Nausicaan Dagger

HUD Eye Patch
Multi-tool (Denchar)
E-tool (Denchar)
Utility belt
Orion Mining Goggles
Money 2 bars Latinum (*20,000)
1700 Slips of Latinum

In BackPack /his room
Backpack, 1 cubit meter, hard
Rope, Parachute, ½ cm dia., 50kg, 10 meter
Rope, Climbing, 1 cm, 250kg, 30 meters
Pitons, (x20)
Climbing Harness
Aquatabreather, modded to function on Denchar
Lantern, Battery Based, (8 Hours per battery), (x2)
Lantern Battery, (x42)
Pocket Flashlight, (x4), Disposable, 1 hour battery
Nightstick Style Flashlight, 2 hour battery
NSF Battery, (x10)
Fire Paste, 1 Decaliter, 10 uses, in tube, (x3)
Lighter, battery based, 500 lights, Disposable, (1)
Canteen, filtered, 1 liter, (1)
Blankets, natural fiber, (x2)
Towels, synthetic, (x2)
Leather sacks/bags, (x2)
Synthetic sacks/bags, (x5)
Micro Power Cells,
Orion Mining Goggles, (x2)


YunDarr is a civil engineer. YunDarr was aboard a slave ship that came from ‘Empire’ space. Karr met him during the Empire War in 2383. Karr saved YunDarr from an attack, where the locals were trying to kill him for meat and fur.

Karr refers to YunDarr as Yun.

Back in ‘Empire’ space, YunDarr work with the Rebels against the Empire. He was a field engineer and repair different systems. He was captured and put into slavery by raiders. The ship was pulled into the wormhole and came out on this side. He has worked with Nuv’ee. He is very skilled in both combat and engineering.

Karr has been working with Yun more since Karr resigned from Starfleet.


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