Leader of the Black Sun


Falleen Male



Xizor, is the leader of the Black Sun.

Upon learning that the Empire had sent an invasion force through a wormhole into another galaxy and never one to miss an opportunity, he sent an envoy through to establish some anchor points so that he might expand his empire. A new galaxy meant new and exotic goods. When it comes to slaves and drugs, exotic equals money.

Initially, things went smooth. The Empire was tearing through the Romulan Empire at a record rate and the Black Sun was able to quickly acquire a vast amount of slaves and drugs with little to no resistance. However, he soon ran up against the Orion Syndicate who was trying to make inroads of their own. The Syndicate was not amused at the presence of the Black Sun and immediately began an aggressive campaign to drive them back through the wormhole.

Xizor was a not accustomed to losing and this was hardly his first gang war. He personally came through the wormhole and met with Captain Thrawn. He convinced Thrawn that the spice he was bringing in would help destabilize and aid in the subjugation of the regions he had conquered. Plus, his men would aid in the pacification efforts wherever they had set up shop. In exchange, the only thing Xizor asked for was free passage. Thrawn’s troupes would let Xizor’s ships through controlled zones. This effectively gave Xizor the backing of the Empire whenever his forces were in the region.

As the Black Sun grew in strength in the Black Sun and the Orion Syndicate fought furiously over territory. With the Empire War raging, these two criminal organizations were left to fight their own war which is often referred to as the Secret War.

When the wormhole was closed Xizor was en route to meet with one of his generals on Citadel Station. Trapped in the Milky Way he quickly arranged to meet with the Syndicate to negotiate a peace treaty. He agreed to pull out of most of the worlds in Romulan Space and all of the worlds of Federated Space. In exchange, the Syndicate would give up most of it’s holdings in the Cardassian Space and nearly all of the Uncharted Territories.

Xizor is trapped in the Milky Way but is quickly building a criminal empire as large as the one he left behind.


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