Wilhuff Tarkin

Imperial Grand Moff


Human Male in his late 70’s
Galactic Empire
Imperial Navy Admiral/Grand Moff


A highly-decorated officer within the Imperial Navy, Tarkin’s experience at war far exceeds most highly-experienced soldiers. As Commander of the battle station known as the Death Star, Tarkin was responsible for the destruction of the planets Erynee 4 and Sarnack 7. Following the closing of the wormhole to Galaxy 41599, Tarkin took his fleet deep into the Uncharted Territories and has not been seen since.

One of the many things Tarkin is famous for is the development of the ‘Tarkin Doctrine’. This Doctrine, also known as the ‘Doctrine of Fear’ and officially known as ‘Imperial Communiqué #001044.92v’, was a message originally sent directly to Emperor Palpatine from then-Moff Wilhuff Tarkin detailing methods for maintaining order and increasing security within the Galactic Empire. It became one of the most important documents regarding Imperial policy.

Wilhuff Tarkin

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