The fates are like ice cream, sometimes they give you wonderful flavors but sometimes they cause you great pain.


She is known as the Witch of Jortenhiem though she hasn’t been to that planet it more than a dozen years. When she was 22 her ship was captured by Tarak’s pirates and she was made a slave. Tarak recognized something in her and so when he got to Commerce Plancet 01 he freed her for the price of a kiss. She struck out on her own for a few years until she ran into Tarak again in the Rigel system. She told him of a vision of riches and warned him to retire after he succeeded. It was this information that allowed Tarak and his crew to score one of the biggest heists that the sector had ever seen. Tarak never retired and soon afterwards went to prison. Vis on the otherhand travels the galaxy following the ebbs and flows of the Force or some other power. She remains grateful to Tarak and even calls him a friend but they only see each other when the fates guide them to the same place.


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