Vedek Tai


Bajoran Female


During the Cardassian occupation of Bajor, Tai was a young Vedek filled with dreams of freedom. She helped Tarak overcome some difficulties and became the middleman between him and the Resistance. Eventually the war ended and Tai went onto to pursue the spiritual path she always desired. Today she lives and works on Deep Space Nine providing to the spiritual needs of all who come to seek her. In recent years she even helped Jacen Daasa find his path. Her doors are always open to those who need her advice.

Episode 6

Tarak introduced Karr to the Vedek after they arrived on DS9. Whatever it was she said to Karr, or whatever it was she advised him to do, it seems to have worked. Karr has seemed happier than ever of late, and his step has a spring in it that was missing until recently, as though a great weight has been lifted from him.

Episode 7

Vedek Tai gave Jacen a communication from Satele, proving she hasn’t lost the skills she learned during the Cardassian Occupation. It does bring to mind one question, however: what connection does Tai have with Satele?

Episode 9

Vedek Tai confirmed Jacen’s suspicions when she attempted (though failed) to reach Satele with a message. She was overjoyed with the discovery the crew brought her regarding the Bajoran ruins, and may prove to be one of the staunchest allies the crew will have.

Vedek Tai

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