Trooper 38426


Clone/ Male
91st Recon/The Empire


When Thanos’s Chaka Force Team assaulted Facility 7 in the Deros System, they destroyed Trooper 38426’s entire battalion. He was the only survivor. After recovering in a bacta tank, Trooper 38426 continued to do his duty. When the war ended he deserted and started the long hull towards Federation Space. His one and only goal is to kill every person who ever served in the Chaka Force. The only name he knew back then was Thanos. Since that time he has killed dozens of Andorians that served with the Chaka Force and hundreds just for being Andorian. One day he will find Thanos and then he shall serve his vengeance on the one Andorian he knows was directly linked to the death of his entire battallion.

Trooper 38426

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