Torel Mai

Mystical Instructor at the Yoshinti Institute


Orion (Blue) Female
Fringer/Orion Syndicate

Torel mai


Torel is one of the rare blue Orions and was Alyr’s instructor during his time at the Yoshinti Institute. She is one of the few masters of so many mystical arts that she is greatly respected (feared).

She is reserved and professional outside of the instruction environment but one of her specialties is that of “sex magic” for which she is unequaled. During Alyr’s time with her, he found that his sexual prowess was no match for a master of the these arts and it was here that he truly became a master of the intimate touch.

She is currently looking for a way to help Alyr to escape the colony. She has had a vision of death coming for her and only Alyr could save her.

Torel Mai

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