Alyr's Henchman


Combat Veteran
Black Sun Assassin


Thuku is from Rodia and belongs to the Chattza Clan. Thuku is a veteran of the Rodian Clan Wars.

Thuku joined the Black Sun as an Assassin due to his experiences during the clan wars. He’s stealthy and deadly with a knife.

Thuku is a little unnerving to some. When he’s not on the job, he’s a great guy to hang out with. He has a crude sense of humor and is quite funny when he’s not picking on you; which he will do incessantly, especially if you are bothered by it. Basically that funny a-hole that you hate to like. He appreciates the good things in life and actually has quite refined tastes.

What’s unnerving is when he’s on the job. Once a contract is accepted, he does not falter. No manner of pleading or external circumstances will change his mind. He’ll take contracts on women and children and no amount of tears or begging will sway him. He doesn’t take enjoyment in killing, nor does he feel remorse.

Thuku really likes and admires Alyr. Shortly after arriving in in the Milky Way he was checking out some porn (not many Rodian ladies around). He ran across Wormholes and loved it. Then he found out that the star (Alyr) was an interesting celebrity that was actually a really cool dude. He most admired that Alyr was a true warrior. He had been a pit fighter, a jugger, and was a bit of a Syndicate hero during the Secret War. He even turned down a contract to take him out on DS-9.

When Thuku was sentenced to Denchar, Alyr was on the same transport as him. Alyr took over the control room and the two of them were able to arm themselves prior beaming down. Also, Alyr had friends already there that helped him out.

Over the past two years the two have become a good friends. Thuku sees Alyr as a true warrior and admires him for his interesting life. He has secretly decided to follow Alyr in order to get a taste of whatever comes next. He has faith that Alyr will get them off Denchar and back into the wild, wonderful, deep black.


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